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I   kt 



Endowed  by  the  Reverend 
Louis  Fitzgerald  Benson,  d.d. 

SC-B  I 

.......  -       .       ■    -  -  ' 


(!$la  icbrook . 

HYMN  S.    /•- 






OCT  20  1953 

rniNTLD    BY    CRAISDEIiRY   AS  D    CAMFJil)  i 


54,   cackville-stre::t. 


Grafcberry  and  Campbell, 
Printers,    Dublin. 






Behold  the  Lamb 


If  I  had  wings 

-     81 

Belov'd  associates 


If  Jesus  rose  not 

-    7 

Breaking  bread     - 


In  fellowship     - 

-  57 

Brethren  let  us     - 


In  him  whose 

-      65 


In  our  Lord     - 

-    64 

Christ  is  born 


In  thy  name     - 

-    25 

Come  and  see 


Isra'l  be  not     - 

-    78 

Come  look  here     - 


Isra'l  sung 

-     83 


It  is  not  we 

-    85 

Faint  we  are    -     - 



Fall  ye  idols     -     - 


Jacob's  star 


Few  we  are      -     - 


Jesus  comes     - 

-     10 

Fly  abroad 



Forward  let     -     - 


Keep  us  Lord 

-     27 



Glad  we  hear 


Let  crowns 

-     67 

Glory  be  to  him    - 


Let  God  arise 

-     75 

God  is  love      -     - 


Let  sinners  sav'd 

-     20 

God  of  our  salvation 


Let  the  friends 

-      42 

God  of  hope     -     - 


Let  those    -     - 

-     43 


Lo  he  comes  - 

-      13 

Had  David  done    - 


Lord  arise 

-      41 

He  who  sav'd  us  - 


Lord  dismiss  us 

-     65 

Heav:n  is  the  throne  35 

Lord,  we  come 

-      26 

How  glorious  is     - 



How  many  things  - 


Never  leave  us 

5     28 



No  strength  at  all  5 1 

Nothing  but    -     -  68 

Now  let  us  all      -  89 


On  the  boughs      -  69 

O  our  Saviour       -  50 

Our  passover  -     -  35 

O  what  a  sound    -  11 


Praise  the  Lord    -  5 


Salvation  is      -     -  22 

Saviour*  be  thou    -  60 

Saviour  come        -  19 

See  the  saints  -    -  79 

Sing  we  praise      -  17 

Spread  the  news  -  46 
Sweet  are  the  seasons  62 
Sweet  were  the  sounds  55 


Thankful  for   -     -  59 

Thanks  to  him      -  58 

The  God  himself  -  54 

The  Lord,  his  way  74 

The  Lord  who  late  6 
The  light  is  sweet  84 
The  Saviour's  people  77 
'Tistothee  -  -  12 
'Tis  to  us  no  cause  29 
To  God  our  Saviour  21 
To  the  ark  -  -  18 
To  thee  we  come  -  55 
True  no  chast'ning  15 
'Twas  he  who  made   50 

We  have  heard     -     40 
We  have  not  seen       52 

We'll  sins: 


We  sing  the  praise  54 
We  turn  to  Zion  75 
When  all  were  -  53 
When  we  cannot  see  66 
Whence  those  sounds  5 
While  in  -  -  -  47 
Who  is  this      -     -     70 

Yes,  Lord        -     -     36 
Yes,  we  hope       -     57 

H  Y  M  N  S. 

HYMN     I. 

Ye  shall  find  the  babe — in  a  manger" 

Luke  xl  12. 

CHRIST  is  bom,  go  tell  the  story, 

Tell  the  nations  of  his  birth  : 
Tell  them  that  the  "  Lord  of  glory" 

Comes  from  Heaven,  to  dwell  on  Earth  ; 
Let  the  Tidings 
Fill  the  world  with  sacred  mirth. 

See  he  lies  in  yonder  manger  : 

"  Prince  of  life,"  his  title  is, 
'Midst  his  own,  and  yet  a  stranger, 

All  things  seen  and  unseen  his. 
Yet  neglected  : 
Wonder,  O  ye  Heav'ns  at  tins. 

See  fullill'd,  prophetic  vision, 

u   Unto  us  a  child  is  born;" 
Tho'  an  object  of  derision, 

Tho'  the  Theme  of  human  scorn  ; 
Yet  his  people 
Hail  his  birth,  and  cea^e  to  mourn. 

4   Hail  Emanuel,  child  of  promise, 

44  Lord  of  All"  in  humble  guise; 
Long  detain'd,  and  absent  from  its, 
Come  at  length  to  bless  our  eyes  : 
Hail  Emanuel ! 
God  the  Saviour,  only  wise  ! 

HYMN     II. 

"   There  shall  come  a  star  out  of  Jacob." 

Number  s  xxiv.  17 

JACOB'S  star  is  ris'n  at  last, 

Brighter  than  the  brightest  sun  : 
Darkness  is  for  ever  past, 
And  the  joyful  day  begun. 

2  Sing  aloud,  the  cause  is  great ; 

Sing  ye  Heav'ns,  and  sing  thou  Earth 
Still  the  joyful  theme  repeat, 

Joyful  theme,   Emanuel's  birth. 

3  This  is  Jacob's  promis'd  star, 

Giving  light  to  all  around ; 
Shining  clear  and  seen  afar, 

Seen  to  Earth's  remotest  bound. 

4  Sing  the  Infant,  Virgin-born, 

He  a  King,  a  King  by  birth  ; 
Though  the  mark  of  human  scorn  ; 
Heir  of  all  in  Heav'n  and  earth. 

5  Now,  ye  saints,  dry  up  your  tears  ; 

See  the  day  is  come  at  last : 
Jacob's  promis'd  star  appears, 
Darkness  is  i'or  ever  past. 

HYMN     III. 

A  multitude  of  the  Heavenly  host  praising  God.'* 

Luke  ii.  15. 

WHENCE  those  sounds  symphonious? 

Solemn,  sweet,  and  rare, 
Mtisick  most  harmonious, 

Filling  all  the  air  : 
Hark  !   'tis  Angels  singing, 

Singing  here  on  Earth  j 
Joyful  tidings  bringing', 

Of  the  Saviour's  birth. 

In  that  region  yonder, 

Where  the  angels  sing, 
Bursts  of  joy  and  wonder 

IMake  the  air  to  ring  : 
•'  Praise  and  adoration 

"   Be  to  God  above  : 
"   And  to  man,  salvation, 

M  Object  now  of  love." 

Now  ye  heavens,  sing  ye  ; 

Earth,  break  forth  and  cry  ; 
O  ye  mountains,  ring  ye, 

With  the  sound  of  joy  ; 
For  the  Lord  has  done  it  : 

His  the  victory. 
His  own  arm  hath  won  it  : 

Israel  shall  be  free. 

B  3 


HYMN     IV. 

4  And  all  that  heard  it  wondered.     Luke  ii.  IS. 

Fly  abroad,  and  tell  the  story, 

Of  the  mighty  Saviour's  birth  ; 
Say  ye,  that  the  Lord  of  glory 

Leaves  his  throne  and  comes  to  earth. 
He,  before  whom  Angels  bow? 
Takes  the  form  of  man  below. 

2  Hither  come,  and  view  the  stranger, 

View  the  infant  lately  born ; 
See  he  lies  in  yonder  manger, 

By  the  world  cast  out  in  scorn. 
Mark  him  well,  for  this  is  he, 
Born  to  set  his  people  free. 

5   Wonder  not  that  thus  ye  see  him. 

Lying  in  this  humble  place  : 
Nor  indulge  a  wish  to  free  him, 

From  a  state  so  low  and  base. 
Worldly  pomp  the  Saviour  scorns: 
Him  no  outward  state  adorns. 

4  Sing,  ye  saints,  the  Saviour's  praises  i 
'Twas  for  you  he  suffer'd  Shame; 

Yes,  he  stoop'd  that  he  might  raise  us 
'lb  the  place  from  whence  he  came. 

Though  he  now  appears  so  low, 

Crowns  shall  soon  adorn  his  brow. 

Learn  from  his  obscure  condition 
How  to  think  of  all  below  : 

Scorn  he  meets,  and  opposition  : 
Jesus  finds  in  man  his  foe. 

Such  our  master  was,  and  we 

Must  expect  like  him  to  be. 

HYMN    V. 

"  Fraise  ye  the  Lord,'" 

PRAISE  the  Lord,  who  died  to  sarc  us 
Praise  his  name,  for  ever  dear, 

Praise  his  blessed  name,  who  gave  us 
Eyes  to  see  and  ears  to  hear. 

Praise  the  Saviour, 
Object  of  our  love  and  fear. 

Grace  it  was,  'twas  grace  abounding 
Brought  him  down  to  save  the  lost : 

Ye  above,  his  throne  surrounding, 
Praise  him,  praise  him  all  his  host. 

Saints  adore  him, 
Ye  are  they  who  owe  him  most. 

Ye,   of  all  his  hand  created, 

Objects  are  of  grace,  alone  : 
Aliens  once,  but  reinstated, 

Destin'd  now  to  fill  a  throne. 
Sing  with  wondor, 
Sing  of  what  the  Lord  has  done. 



Praise  his  name,  who  died  to  save  us  ; 

'Tis  by  him  his  people  live ; 
And  in  him  the  Father  gave  us 

All  that  boundless  love  could  give. 
Life  eternal 

In  our  Saviour  we  receive. 

HYMN     VI. 

<;  He  is  not  here;  but  is  risen,'*     Luke  xxiv.  6. 

THE  Lord,  who  late  was  dead, 

Now  lives  ;  then  haste  away, 
And  through  the  world  the  tidings  spread, 

The  lord  is  ris'n  to  day. 

2  While  foes  are  nll'd  with  fear ; 
His  joyful  friends  may  say, 
What  glorious  news  is  this  we  hear  ? 
The  lord  is  ris'n  to  day. 

5   His  triumph  is  compleat, 
Let  all  his  people  say ; 
And  let  ten  thousand  tongues  repeat, 
The  lord  is  ris'n  to  day. 

i  Let  all  his  people  sing, 

For  well  his  people  may ; 
The  theme  is  sweet ;  of  hope  the  spring, 

The  lord  is  ris'n  to  day. 

On  him  our  souls  rely, 

Desponding  thoughts  away  ; 

We  know  'tis  true,  and  sing  with  joy, 
The  lord  is  ris'n  to  day. 


HYMN     VII. 

If  Christ  be  not  raised  your  faith  is  vain." 

Cor.  xv.  17 

I F  Jesus  rose  not  from  the  grave, 
The  faith  of  all  his  saints  is  vain  : 

That  he  can  have  no  power  to  save, 
If  Death  detains  him  still,  is  plain. 

2  If  Jesus  rose  not  from  the  grave, 
We're  guilty  still,  our  sins  remain  ; 

The  hope  is  vain  his  people  have  ; 
If  Je:*us  rose  not,  hope  16  vain. 

3  If  Jesus  rose  not  from  the  grave, 

His  foes  were  right  in  all  they  said  : 
For  he  to  all  assurance  gave 

That  he  would  rise,  and  leave  the  dead. 

4  If  Jesus  rose  not  from  the  grave, 

Then  all  he  said  was  empty  boast : 
His  claims  no  good  foundation  have  ; 
And  they  who  sleep  in  him  are  io-:t. 

5  If  Jesus  rose  not  from  the  grave, 

The  thief  that  perish'd  by  his  side, 
As  just  a  claim  as  he  would  have, 
To  be  the  sinner's  hope  and  guide. 

6  But  now  h  Jesus  ris'n  indeed  : 

The  first  fruits  he  of  those  who  sleep  ; 
Rejoice  ye  saints,   the  pris'ner's  i'jeed  ; 
For  who  could  such  a  pris'ner  keep  ? 
13  4 


7  He  fought  with  Death,  the  saints'  last  foe 

And  though  he  seem'd  to  lose  the  day, 
'Twas  Death  sustain'd  the  overthrow, 
Subdu'd  by  him  who  seem'd  his  prey. 

8  Doubt  then  no  more,  ye  saints,  nor  grieve 

The  Lord  is  ris'n,  is  ris'n  indeed ; 
Because  he  lives,  his  saints  shall  live : 
Shall  live  with  him,  their  glorious  head. 

9  He  sits  at  God's  right  hand  above, 

The  dread  of  foes,  the  joy  of  friends ; 
Supreme  in  pow'r,  in  truth,  in  love  ; 
His  kingdom,  one  that  never  ends. 

10  The  glorious  day  is  drawing  near, 
When  he  who  lay  in  yonder  tomb, 
With  crowds  of  angels  shall  appear, 
And  take  his  waiting  people  home. 


"  In  the  midst  of  the  throne a  Lamb  as  it  had 

been  slain."  Rev.  v.  6. 

BEHOLD  the  Lamb,  with  glory  crown'd ! 

To  him  all  pow'r  is  giv'n  : 
No  place  too  high  for  him  is  found, 

No  place  too  high  in  Heav'n. 

2  He  fills  the  throne,  the  throne  above : 
He  fills  it  without  wrong  ; 
Sole  object  he  of  angels'  love : 
Sole  theme  of  angels'  song. 

S   With  faces  veil'd  yon  seraphs  bright 
Upon  his  glory  gaze  : 
Nof  seraphs  could  endure  the  light, 
The  full  resplendent  blaze. 

4  Though  high,  yet  he  accepts  the  praise 

His  people  offer  here  : 
The  faintest  feeblest  cry  they  raise, 
Will  reach  the  Saviour's  car. 

5  Well  may  his  people  then  be  found 

Transported  wirh  the  sight ; 
To  see  the  Lamb  with  glory  cruwh'd, 
3Iust  yield  them  sweet  delight. 

€  This  song  be  ours,  and  this  alone. 
That  celebrates  the  name, 
Of  him  that  sits  upon  the  tlrrone. 
And  that  exalts  the  Lamb. 

7   To  him  whom  men  despise  and  slight, 
To  him  be  glory  giv'n  : 
The  crown  is  his,  and  his  by  right, 
The  highest  place  in  Heav'n. 


HYMN     IX. 

*'  Behold,  he  cometh  with  clouds."      Rzv. 

JESUS  comes,  the  Judge  of  all : 

Heav'n's  bright  hosts  adore  him : 
All  the  people,  great  and  small 

Now  must  stand  before  him. 
Crowns  of  glory  wreathe  his  head : 

Christ,  the  Lord's  anointed  : 
Judge  of  living,  and  of  dead: 

Judge  of  old,  appointed. 

2  Heaven  and  Earth,  that  stood  so  long 

Shewing  forth  his  glory, 
Now  are,  tho'  they  seem'd  so  strong, 

Like  a  finished  story. 
Caus'd  to  cease  by  him  whose  pow'r, 

Gave  them  first  a  being  ; 
Lo  !  they  perish  from  this  hour  : 

'Tis  the  Lord's  decreeing. 

o   Saviour,  in  that  awful  day 

Keep  our  hearts  from  sinking  ; 
For  ev'n  now  we  feel  dismay, 

Of  the  season  thinking. 
May  we  lift  our  heads  that  day, 

Day  of  God's  salvation  ; 
May  we  joyful  hear  him  say, 

i;  Your '3  a  glorious  station." 


HYMN      X. 

O  WHAT  a  sound  was  there  ! 

'Tis  nature's  final  groan  : 
And  Jesus  bids  the  world  appear, 

Before  his  awful  throne. 

2   The  day  at  length  is  come, 

As  threaten'd,  like  a  snare  : 
A  source  of  endless  joy  to  some  ; 
To  others,  of  despair. 

5   The  Saviour  is  at  hand  : 

Behold  he  comes  with  clouds  : 
And  angels,  at  their  Lord's  command, 
Appear  in  joyful  crowds. 

4  But  who  may  stand  this  day, 

Destroying  far  and  wide  ? 
When  Heav'n  and  Earth  sha!l  flee  away, 
Who  can  the  storm  abide  ? 

5  The  saints  alone  shall  stand, 

The  people  of  his  lore  ; 
He  sets  tliem  at  his  own  right  hand, 

And  gives  them  joys  above. 

6  Into  his  presence  brought, 

They  see  him  face  to  face  : 
Xo  other  grace  his  people  sought ; 
And  now  he  grants  this  grace. 


HYMN     XI. 
u   The  Lord  is  our  king.'"     Isaiah  xxxiii.  22. 

'TIS  to  thee  we  owe  allegiance, 
Gocl  our  Saviour  and.  our  King  : 

May  we  render  true  obedience  ; 
Ev'ry  day  our  tribute  bring : 
And  with  rapture, 
Of  thy  love  and  glory  sing. 

2  May  we  bow  to  thy  dominion, 

Yielding  to  thy  righteous  sway  ; 
Careless  of  the  world's  opinion, 
May  we  all  thy  will  obey  : 
Saviour  lead  us ; 
Lead  us  in  the  perfect  way. 

3  Thine  is  greatness  never- wasting  : 

High  thou  art,  with  glory  crown'd: 
Thine  a  kingdom  everlasting  : 

Grace  and  Truth  thy  throne  surround : 

While  all  others 
Vanish,  and  no  more  are  found. 

4  Happy  they  whom  thou  dost  govern  : 

Great  their  peace,  their  honour  great ; 
Thee  beholding,  thee  their  so v 'reign, 
Thee  enthron'd  in  royal  state  : 

Happy  people 
Who  before  thee  ever  wait. 

."   O  may  we  through  grace  unbounded, 
Reach  that  place,  that  honour  share  ; 
Thou,  on  whom  our  hopes  are  founded. 
See  us  needing  all  thy  care  : 

O  preserve  us ! 
For  we  trust  that  thine  we  are. 


HYMN     XII. 

*:  Ilosanna  to  the  son  of  David."     Mat.  x:; 

LO  he  comes,   'tis  Zion's  king  : 

Rejoice  ye,  whom  his  grace  has  saved  ; 
Let  the  saints  together  sing, 

"    HOSANNA  TO    THE   SON    OF  DAVID." 

2  Though  in  lowly  guise,  a  king, 

And  long  his  people  were  enslaved ; 
Freed  by  him,  they  now  may  sing, 

"    HOSANNA    TO   THE    SON    OF    DAVID." 

o   Strike,  ye  saints,  a  cheerful  string  : 

Your  king  for  you  all  dangers  braved ; 
Were  ye  mute,  the  stones  would  sing, 

"    HOSANNA    TO    THE  SON  OF  DAVID." 

4  Tho'  the  world  no  plaudits  bring, 

The  world  by  satan  still  enslaved ; 
Yet  angelic  voices  sing, 

"    HOSANNA  TO    THE    SON  OF   DAVID." 

5  HeavVs  high  arches  soon  shall  ring, 

While  angels  join  with  all  the  saved ; 
And  while  both  together  sing, 

44    H08ANNA   TO    THE  SON    OF  DAVID." 


w  I  lay  down  my  life  for  the  sheep"     John  x.  15. 

WE'LL  sing  of  the  shepherd  that  died, 
That  died  for  the  sake  of  the  flock ; 

His  love  to  the  utmost  was  tried, 
And  immovable  stood  as  a  rock. 

2  When  the  blood  of  a  victim  must  flow, 

The  shepherd  by  kindness  was  led, 
To  stand  between  them  and  the  foe, 
And  willingly  died  in  their  stead. 

3  Our  song  then  for  ever  shall  be 

Of  the  shepherd  who  gave  himself  thus ; 
No  subject  so  glorious  we  see, 
And  none  so  affecting  to  us. 

4  We'll  sing  of  this  subject  alone  : 

No  other  our  tongues  shall  employ ; 
But  better  his  love  will  be  known, 
In  yonder  bright  regions  of  joy. 

5  'Tis  there  that  we  hope  we  shall  be, 

Among  the  redeem'd  to  appear ; 
From  sin  and  infirmity  free, 

We'll  sing  as  we  can  not  do  here. 

HYMN     XIV. 

"  He  teacheth  my  hands  to  ivar."     Ps.  xviii.  34. 

BELOV'D  associates  in  the  strife 

That  ends  in  blessed  peace, 
A  life  of  conflict  is  our  life  ; 

From  war  we  must  not  cease. 


2  The  soldiers  of  the  cross  must  flghi, 
Till  life  itself  is  past : 
The  foe  assai<s  them  day  and  night; 
Assails  them  to  the  last. 

o    But  let  as  still  remember  thN  : 
To  faith  it  stands  disci os'd  : 
The  Lord,  who  saves  us,  greater  is, 
Than  all  who  are  oppos'd. 

4  We  need  not  fly,  we  need  not  fear, 

Since  he  who  reigns  above, 
In  all  our  conflicts  will  be  near 
The  people  of  his  love. 

5  Our  foes  are  strong,  and  many  too, 

Yet  why  these  doubts  and  fe^rs  ? 

For  while  we  keep  our  Lord  in  view, 

Our  strength  is  more  than  theirs. 

6  If  thus  we  face  the  adverse  pow'rs, 

If  thus  we  meet  the  strife. 
The  victory  will  then  be  ours, 
And  ours  a  crown  of  life. 

HYMN     XV. 

"  Now   no   chastening  for   the  present    secmcth  to 
be  joyous,  but  grievous."  Heb.  xii.  11. 

TRUE,  no  chast'ning  for  the  present 
Bringetfa  joy,  but  bringetta  grief; 

Pain  has  nothing  in  it  pleasant  : 

But  the  BailltS  obtain  relief, 
Knowing  that  their  father  sends 

EvVy  rod,  and  good  intends. 


Were  his  people  free  from  trials; 

They  might  doubt  their  heav'nly  birth: 
They  might  justly  fear  the  vials, 

Destin'd  for  the  sons  of  earth : 
Trials  are  a  fruit  of  love, 
Sent  in  mercy  from  above. 

Yes,  the  true-born  sons  of  heaven 
Feci  the  chast'ning  hand  of  God, 

Though  accepted  and  forgiven 
Yet  they  need  their  father's  rod : 

Nor  if  they  should  bid  him  spare, 

Would  he  hearken  to  their  pray'n 

Full  of  pity,  full  of  kindness, 
Yet  he  makes  his  children  prove, 

Nothing  of  parental  blindness 
Ever  mixes  with  his  love  : 

When  the  rod  must  be  applied. 

Truth  and  wisdom  are  his  guide. 

In  affliction's  darkest  season, 

When  their  trials  sharpest  prove, 

Saints  may  smile,  for  they  have  reason, 
To  confess  their  father's  love. 

All  is  needful ;  nothing  vain  : 

Present  loss  is  future  gain. 

Trial ^ prove  and  strengthen  patience, 

Trials  purge  the  dross  away  : 
Trials  sweeten  expectations, 

Of  a  bright  and  glorious  day  : 
When  from  sin  and  suff'ring  freed, 
Saints  shall  gain  their  rest  indeed. 


Trials  thus,  though  often  bitter, 
Yet  are  needful  in  their  place  ; 

Rend'ring  ev'ry  promise  sweeter, 
Adding  strength  to  ev'ry  grace. 

Thus,  whatever  grief  they  bring, 

Blessed  fruits  from  trials  spring. 

HYMN     XVI. 
"  I  will  sing  of  mercy"     Psalm  ci.  2, 

SING  we  praise  to  God  above, 
God  our  Saviour  full  of  grace ; 

Sing  how  Jesus,  mov'd  by  love, 
Came  from  yonder  glorious  place, 

And  with  men  abode  a  season  ; 

Sing  aloud  for  we  have  reason. 

2  Let  us  sing  how  Jesus  came ; 

Came  in  mercy,  came  to  save  : 
Saw  the  cross,  despis'd  it's  shame  ; 

Lay  with  mortals  in  the  grave  : 
And  in  death  appear 'd  victorious : 
Sing  aloud,  the  theme  is  glorious. 

3  Yes,  the  Lord  triumphant  rose, 

Tell,  ye  saints,  his  victory  : 
How  he  vanquish'd  all  his  foes ; 

Captive  led  captivity  : 
And  to  heav'n  return 'd  with  glory  j 
Tell,  ye  saints,  the  joyful  story. 


Soon  we  hope  to  be  with  him  :  I  fDi 

Soon  to  see  him  as  he  is  : 
And  renew  the  wond'rous  theme, 

In  a  place  remote  from  this  : 
And  with  spirits  never- wasting, 
Sing  of  mercy  everlasting. 


A  prudent  man  foreseeth   the   evil,  end  hideth 
himself:  the  simple  jiass  on,  and  are  punished." 

Prov.  xxii.  o. 

TO  the  ark  away,  or  perish  : 

Sinners,  to  the  ark  away  ; 
Vain  the  hope,  that  thousands  cherish, 

Of  deliv'rance  in  that  day ; 
When  destruction 

Cometh,  that  no  arm  can  stay. 

Sinners  be  advised,  and  haste  ye 

To  the  ark  that  open  lies  : 
Why,   O  why,  in  folly  waste  ye 

Precious  time  that  quickly  flies  ? 
Soon  your  laughter 

Will  be  turn'd  to  mournful  cries. 

Hear  the  Lord  himself  invite  you, 

To  his  arms,  a  refuge  sure  : 
O  believe  him,  lest  he  smite  you 

With  a  curse  that  none  can  cure  ; 
When  he  thunders, 

Who  his  anger  can  endure  ? 


They  are  safe,  and  none  beside  them, 
Who  the  Saviour's  word  obey  : 

They  are  safe,  for  he  will  hide  them, 
In  the  dark  and  gloomy  day  ; 
He  will  hide  them, 
Till  the  storm  has  pass'd  away. 

Then  a  bright  and  glorious  season, 
Shall  succeed,  and  never  end  ; 

Hear  him  then,  for  there  is  reason  : 
Jesus  is  the  sinner's  friend. 

Safe  his  people, 
Nothing  shall  his  saints  offend. 


To  icaitfor  his  son  from  heaven."     Tu  e  s  s.  i.  10. 

SAVIOUR  come,  thy  friends  are  waiting, 

Waiting  for  the  final  day  : 
Thence  the  promis'd  glory  dating  ; 

Come  and  bear  thy  saints  away. 
Come,   Lord  Jesus, 

Thus  thy  waiting  people  pray. 

Base  the  wish,  and  vain  th'  endeavour, 

While  on  earth  to  find  our  rest : 
'Till  we  see  thy  face,  we  never 

Shall  or  can  be  fully  blest  : 
In  thy  presence 

Notl ling  shall  our  peace  molest. 


o  Lord  we  wait  for  thine  appearing, 
Tarry  not,  thy  people  say : 
Bright  the  prospect  is,  and  cheering, 
Of  beholding  thee  that  day  : 
"When  our  sorrows 
Shall  for  ever  pass  away. 

4  'Till  it  comes,  O  keep  us  steady, 
Keep  us  walking  in  thy  ways ; 
At  thy  call  may  we  be  ready, 

And  our  heads  with  triumph  raise : 

Then  with  angels 
Sing  thine  everlasting  praise. 

HYMN     XIX. 

tt  I  will  sing,  and  give  praise.'*     Psalm  cvlii.   I 

LET  sinners  sav'd  give  thanks  and  sing  ; 

Of  mercies  past,  of  joys  to  come  : 
The  Lord  their  Saviour  is,  and  King; 

The  Cross  their  hope,  and  Heav'n  their  home. 

2  Let  sinners  sav'd  give  thanks  and  sing  g 

Salvation  theirs,  and  of  the  Lord ; 
They  draw  from  Heav'n's  eternal  spring, 
The  living  God  their  great  reward. 

3  Let  sinners  sav'd  give  thanks  and  sing ; 

Sweet  is  the  subject  of  their  song  : 
Who,  made  the  children  of  a  king, 
Expect  to  sing  in  Heav'n  'ere  long. 

4  Let  sinners  sav'd  give  thanks  and  sing; 

The  Lord  has  kept  in  dangers  past : 
And,   O  sweet  thought !  the  Lord  will  bring 
His  people  safe  to  Heav'n  at  last. 


3  Let  sinners  sav'd  give  thanks  and  sin?  ; 
Of  Jesus  sing,  through  all  their  days  : 
In  Heav'n  their  golden  harps  they'll  string, 
And  there  for  ever  sing  his  praise. 

HYMN     XX. 

"  Praise  him  all  ye  jieople.^     Psalm  cxvii.  1. 

TO  God  our  Saviour  and  our  King, 

Let  saints  their  voices  raise  : 
The  people  of  the  Lord  should  sing. 

Since  he  accepts  their  praise. 

2  Yes,  he  on  whom  the  angels  gaze 
With  wonder,  love  and  fear, 
Disdains  not  to  accept  the  praise, 
His  people  offer  here. 

5  On  yonder  throne,  exalted  high, 
He  reigns,  his  people's  head  : 
He  knows  their  wants,  he  hears  their  cry. 
And  gives  them  all  they  need. 

4  How  sweet  to  know  his  name  who  reigns 

Supreme  on  yonder  throne  ! 
His  love  supplies,  his  pow'r  sustains  : 
His  love  and  pow'r  alone. 

5  The  source  from  whence  we  draw  our  d 

Is  full,  and  overflows  • 
Tt  yields  its  treasures  to  the  poor, 
Enriching  freely  those. 


6  We'll  praise  the  name  of  him  who  gives 

What  worlds  could  never  buy : 
He  once  was  dead,  but  now  he  lives! 
He  lives  no  more  to  die. 

7  The  name  he  bears,  is  Pow'r  and  Love  ; 

'Tis  Wisdom,  Truth,  and  Grace  : 
'Tis  all  that  angels  know  above 
Who  see  "  with  open  face.'* 

8  Let  everlasting  praise  be  his, 

Whose  life  for  us  was  giv'n : 

His  name  the  greatest,  sweetest  is, 

Of  all  in  Earth  and  Heav'n. 

HYMN     XXI. 

"  Beside  me  there  is  no  Saviour"     Is  A.  xliii.  II. 

SAL  VATION  is  of  God  alone, 
The  glorious  plan  is  all  his  own  ; 
In  love  he  form'd  the  great  design, 
And  here  his  grace  and  wisdom  shine. 

2  Salvation  is  of  God  alone  : 
One  only  victim  could  atone 
For  human  guilt.     That  victim  he 
Who  claims  with  God  equality. 

5  Salvation  is  of  God  alone, 

'Tis  he  who  breaks  the  heart  of  stone  : 
Who  makes  self-righteous  boasts  to  cease, 
And  gives  the  troubled  conscience  peace. 


4  Salvation  is  of  God  alone, 

'Tis  he  who  leads  his  people  on  : 
'Tis  he  who  makes  their  burdens  light. 
And  shields  them  in  the  day  of  light. 

5  Salvation  is  of  God  alone, 

He  sets  his  people  on  his  throne  : 
'Tis  rapture  all,  and  triumph  then  ; 
They  never  taste  of  grief  again. 

G  Salvation  is  of  God  alone. 

This  truth  let  all  his  people  own  : 

And  to  his  name  the  praise  be  giv'n, 

By  saints  on  earth,  and  saints  in  Heav'n. 


*'   Thanks  be  to  God  which  giveth  us  the  victory.' 

1  Cor.  xv.  57 

COME,  look  here  ye  sons  of  science, 
Look  upon  the  dying  man  ; 

On  the  cross  is  his  reliance  : 

Faith  does  more  than  reason  can. 

Read  his  triumph  in  his  eyes  : 

Thus  it  is  the  Christian  dies. 

Boast  no  more,  ye  sons  of  science  : 
Death  was  never  foil'd  by  you  ; 

To  your  arms  he  bids  defiance  : 
Safe  from  all  that  you  can  do  : 

Death  comes  smiling,  when  he  sees 

Arms  against  him  such  as  these. 


David  once,  by  wisdom  guided, 
Threw  such  arms  as  yours  away  : 

And  with  other  arms  provided, 
Sought  the  foe  and  won  the  day. 

His  no  sword,  nor  spear,  nor  bow  : 

Yet  he  laid  the  mighty  low. 

Israel's  God  the  youth  directed 
How  to  aim  the  deadly  blow : 

And  with  arms  by  him  selected, 
David  fought  and  slew  the  foe : 

Israel's  God  is  still  the  same  : 

Saving  those  who  know  his  name. 

Happy  they  who  still  confiding 
In  the  strength  of  Israel's  God  : 

And  with  arms  of  his  providing, 
Meet  the  haughty  foe  unaw'd. 

Though  the  conflict  prove  severe : 

They  prevail,  for  God  is  near. 


"  I  cried  unto  thee,  save  me.*'     Ps.  cxix.  146. 

GOD  of  our  salvation,  hear  us  : 

Bless,  O  bless  us,  'ere  we  go  ; 
"When  we  join  the  world,  be  near  us, 

Lest  thy  people  careless  grow  ; 
Saviour  keep  us, 

Keep  us  safe  from  ev'ry  foe. 


Let  us  live  in  view  of  Heaven  ; 

Where  we  hope  to  see  thy  face  : 
Save  us  from  unhallow'd  leaven  : 

All  that  would  obscure  thy  grace. 
Keep  us  walking 

.  jach  in  his  appointed  place. 

o   As  our  steps  are  drawing  nearer, 
To  the  place  we  call  our  home ; 
May  our  view  of  Heav'n  grow  clearer : 
Hope  more  bright  of  joys  to  come. 

And  when  dying 
May  thy  presence  cheer  the  gloom. 

4  In  the  day  of  thine  appearing, 

Wlien  the  trump  of  God  shall  sound, 
May  we  hear  it,  nothing  fearing, 
Though  all  nature  sinks  around. 

By  our  Saviour 
Rais'd,  and  then  with  glory  crown'd. 


u  Speak,  for  thy  servant  heareth"     1  Sam.  iii.  10. 

I N  thy  name,   O  Lord,  assembling, 
We,  thy  people,  now  draw  near  : 

Teach  us  to  rejoice  with  trembling  ; 
Speak  and  let  thy  servants  hear  : 
Hear  with  meekness  ; 
Hear  thy  word  with  godly  fear. 


While  our  days  on  earth  are  lengthen'd,  .  n 

May  we  give  them,  Lord,  to  thee ; 
Cheer'd  by  hope,  and  daily  strengthen'd, 

May  we  run,  nor  weary  be  : 
'Till  thy  glory, 

Without  clouds  in  Heav'n  we  see. 

There  in  worship  purer,  sweeter, 

All  thy  people  shall  adore  : 
Tasting  of  enjoyment  greater, 

Than  they  could  conceive  before  : 
Full  enjoyment : 

Full,  unmix'd,  and  evermore. 

HYMN     XXV. 

"  Early  will  I  seek  thee"     lxiii.  1. 

LORD,  we  come  to  seek  thee  early: 
Hear,   O  hear  us  when  we  cry  ; 

Thou  hast  bought  thy  people  dearly, 
Thou  hast  brought  the  strangers  nigh. 

God  our  Saviour  ! 
All  thy  people's  wants  supply. 

Lord  we  bless  thee  that  invited, 
We  draw  near  and  seek  thy  face  : 

Once  the  privilege  we  slighted, 
Our's  was  then  a  fearful  case. 

God  our  Saviour ! 
We  adore  thy  sov'reign  grace. 


Through  the  desert  safely  guide  us  : 
Cheer  us,  when  by  toil  opprest ; 

Though  the  world  around  deride  us, 
Thine,  we  know,  are  truly  blest. 

Soon  thy  people 
Shall  from  all  their  labours  rest. 

In  the  midst  of  foes  and  strangers 
Keep  thy  people  safe  from  harm  : 

While  they  pass  through  toils  and  dangers, 
Hold  them  with  thy  mighty  arm  : 

And  convey  them 
There,  where  foes  no  more  alarm. 


"  Make  us  to  go  in  the  path  of  thy  commandments." 

Psalm  cxix.  55. 

KEEP  us,  Lord,  O  keep  us  ever  ; 

Vain  our  hope,  if  left  by  thee  ; 
^Ye  are  thine,   O  leave  us  never, 

Till  thy  face  in  Ileav'n  we  see  : 
There  to  praise  thee 

Tlirough  a  bright  eternity. 

All  our  strength  at  once  would  fail  us, 

If  deserted,   Lord,  by  thee  : 
Nothing  then  could  ought  avail  us  ; 

Certain  our  defeat  would  be. 
Those  who  hate  us 

Thenceforth  their  desire  would  see. 

C    2 


3  But  we  look  to  thee  as  able, 

Grace  to  give  in  time  of  need  : 
Heav'n  we  know  is  not  more  stable, 
Than  the  promise  which  we  plead. 

'Tis  thy  promise 
Gives  thy  people  hope  indeed. 

4  Lead  us  then  a  way  we  know  not  : 

Make  the  darkness  round  us  light : 
When  thy  will  thy  people  do  not, 
Pardon,  cleanse,  and  set  them  right, 

'Till  in  glory 
All  in  joyful  songs  unite. 


<c  For  he  hath  said,  I  will  neve?'  leave  thee.1* 

Heb.  xiii.  5. 

NEVER  leave  us,  nor  forsake  us, 

Thou  on  whom  our  souls  rely  : 
'Till  thou  shalt  for  ever  take  us, 

To  behold  that  glory  nigh  : 

Which  though  distant 

Fills  thy  people's  heart  with  joy. 

2  They  are  blest,  and  none  beside  them, 
They  who  hope,   O  Lord,  in  thee  : 
They  are  blest,  though  all  deride  them, 
They,  whom  grace  and  truth  make  free. 

Joys  await  them  : 
Where  thou  art,  they  hope  to  be. 


Joys  await  them  without  measure, 
Their's,  conferr'd  by  royal  grant : 

Rivers  there  of  endless  pleasure, 
For  which  now  thy  people  pant, 

Shall  supply  them  : 
There  thy  people  feel  no  want. 

'Tis  the  hope  of  this  that  charms  them 
From  the  love  of  all  below  : 

Hope  of  this,  with  boldness  arms  them, 
To  oppose  the  mighty  foe. 

Hope  of  glory 
Sweetens  toil  and  lightens  woe. 


i4    Whereas  ye  know  not  ivhat  shall  be  on  the  mor- 
roiv."  James  iv.  14. 

'TIS  to  us  no  cause  of  sorrow, 

That  we  cannot  tell  to-day, 
What  it  is  will  come  to-morrow  ; 

'Tis  enough  that  we  can  say  : 
•  He  whom  we  our  father  call, 
u  Knows  the  future,  knows  it  all.'* 

2   Happy  they,  who  all  committing, 
To  their  father's  care  and  love  : 
Let  him  choose  what  most  is  fitting  ; 

And  of  all  he  does  approve. 
They  are  free  from  anxious  care  : 
Blest  in  this  his  people  are. 


Teach  us,  O  our  God  and  father, 
Teach  us  to  obey  thee  thus  : 

Be  thy  choice  our  portion,  rather 
Than  what  might  seem  good  to  us. 

9  Tis  not  meet  we  should  refuse, 

Ought  that  thou,  our  God,  shalt  choose. 

Future  things  with  thee  are  present : 
All  to  come  thine  eye  can  see  : 

Safe  it  is  for  us,  and  pleasant, 
Future  things  to  trust  to  thee. 

Then  thy  people  happy  are, 

When  on  thee  they  cast  their  care. 


li  I  iv ill  be  with  thee  in  trouble."     Ps.  xci.  15. 

O  OUR  Saviour,  be  thou  near  us, 
While  we  live,  and  when  we  die  : 

From  thy  throne  of  mercy  hear  us, 
When  from  day  to  day  we  cry : 

Let  our  conflicts 
End  in  everlasting  joy. 

:  Many  trials  here  await  us  ; 

'Tis  thy  people's  lot  we  know  : 
In  the  midst  of  those  who  hate  us, 
We  must  be,  while  here  below  : 

But  thy  presence 
Cheers  us  when  oppress'd  by  woe. 


5  Precious  is  thy  word  of  promise ; 
Precious  to  thy  people  here  : 
Never  take  thy  mercy  from  us, 
O  our  Saviour,  still  be  near. 

Living,  dying, 
May  thy  name  our  spirits  cheer. 

HYMN     XXX. 

"  Great  is  the  Lord.1'     Psalm  xlviii.  1, 

HOW  glorious  is  the  King  to  day  ! 

How  glorious  Israel's  King  ; 
"With  truth  his  people  thus  may  say, 

And  well  his  praise  may  sing. 

2  He  makes  his  goodness  pass  before 
His  wond'ring  people's  eyes; 
And  feeds  them  with  a  boundless  store 
Of  satisfying  joys. 

Z  He  meets  them  with  a  smiling  face, 
And  with  a  father's  voice  ; 
He  bids  them  triumph  in  his  grace, 
And  in  his  name  rejoice. 

4  Their  praise  with  favour  he  receives  ; 

And  hearkens  when  they  pray  : 
Forgives  their  sins,  their  wants  relieves, 
And  leads  them  in  the  way. 

5  To  Israel's  God  be  glory  giv  n  : 

The  God  whom  saints  adore  ; 
On  earth,  and  in  the  highest  heav'n, 
Both  now  and  evermore, 



"  Whom  having  not  seen  ye  love"     1   Pet.  i.  8. 

WE  have  not  seen  the  Saviour's  face  ; 

Nor  shall  we  until  life  shall  end ; 
But  yet  we  love  him  for  his  grace  : 

We  love  an  unseen  absent  friend. 

2  The  glorious  work  he  wrought,  endears 

The  Saviour  to  his  people's  hearts : 
In  hope  they  wait  till  he  appears ; 
And  hope  a  present  joy  imparts. 

3  They  hope  to  see  their  Lord  that  day, 

Descend  with  all  the  hosts  of  heav'n; 
The  Lord,  who  bore  their  sins  away : 

The  Lord,  through  whom  they  stand  forgiv'n, 

4  They  hope,  that  what  they  now  believe, 

They  then  with  joyful  eyes  shall  see : 
No  more  to  doubt,  no  more  to  grieve ; 
But  with  their  Lord  himself  to  be. 

5  'Till  that  bright  day  we'll  think  of  him ; 

And  may  our  love  with  fervour  glow : 
An  unseen  Lord  be  all  our  theme, 
'Till  with  him  hence  to  Heav'n  we  go. 





Endeavouring  to  keep  the  unity  of  the  spirit,  in 
the  bond  of  peace"  Eph.  iv.  3. 

BRETHREN,  let  us  walk  together 

In  the  bonds  of  love  and  peace  : 
Can  it  be  a  question,  whether 

Breth'ren  should  from  conflict  cease  ? 
'Tis  in  union 

Hope  and  joy  and  love  increase. 

While  we  journey  homeward,  let  us 

Help  each  other  in  the  road : 
Foes  on  ev'ry  side  beset  us, 

Snares  through  all  the  way  are  strew'd. 
It  behoves  us, 

Each  to  bear  a  brother's  load. 

When  we  think  how  much  our  father 

Has  forgiv'n,  and  does  forgive  : 
Brethren,  we  should  learn  the  rather, 

Free  from  wrath,  and  strife  to  live. 
Far  removing 

All  that  might  offend  or  grieve. 

Then  let  each  esteem  his  brother 

Better  than  himself  to  be  ; 
And  let  each  prefer  another, 

Full  of  love,  from  envy  free  : 
Happy  are  we 

When  in  this  we  all  agree. 


5  Soon  our  father  will  receive  us, 
As  we  hope,  to  dwell  above  : 
Nothing  then  shall  harm  or  grieve  us, 
We  shall  all  his  goodness  prove. 

Wrath  and  discord 
Ending  in  eternal  love. 


"  Heaven  is  my  throne"     Isaiah  lxvi.  1, 

HEAVEN  is  the  throne  of  IsraTs  Gcd, 

And  earth  his  footstool  is  : 
His  is  the  sceptre  and  the  rod, 

To  save  and  punish  his. 

2  Great  is  the  terror  of  the  Lord  ; 
His  arm  is  cloth'd  with  might ; 
And  when  he  whets  his  glitt'ring  swor  J, 
No  eye  can  bear  the  sight. 

5  This  God  is  ours  ;  he  reigns  above  ; 
And  bless'd  his  people  are  ; 
The  objects  of  paternal  love, 
And  of  paternal  care. 

4  Wisdom  is  his,  and  pow'r,  and  grace, 

And  truth  that  cannot  fail ; 
And  bless'd  are  they  who  see  his  face, 
Who  see  without  a  vail, 

5  This  grace,  we  trust,  will  yet  be  ours  ; 

And  with  a  hope  like  this, 

ill  the  time,  and  all  the  pow'rs 
That  God  has  giv'n  be  his. 



"  I  will  sing  of  mercy ."     Psalm  ci.  1. 

SWEET  were  the  sounds  that  reach'dour  ears, 
When  mercy  rais'd  her  heav'nly  voice  : 

'Twas  mercy  that  dispell'd  our  fears, 
And  bade  our  souls  in  hope  rejoice. 

2  All  other  sounds  discordant  seem, 

Compar'd  with  mercy's  heav'nly  song  : 
So  sweet  and  joyful  is  the  theme, 
It  bears  our  willing  souls  along. 

3  O  may  we  never  cease  to  hear, 

The  voice  that  gives  our  conscience  rest : 
That  dissipates  our  guilty  fears, 
And  tells  us  we  are  truly  blest. 

4  May  mercy  still  remove  our  fear, 

And  bind  our  souls  with  cords  of  love : 
Mercy,  that  soothes  our  sorrows  here, 
And  gives  us  hope  of  joys  above. 


"  Christ  our  passover  is  sacrificed  for  us." 

1  Cor.  v.  7. 

OUR  passover  is  offer'd  up  : 

The  bread  we  break  his  body  is ; 

His  blood  was  shed  to  fill  the  cup, 
And  O  was  ever  love  like  his  t 


'J   The  master  of  the  feast  has  said : 
Be  sure  all  leaven  to  remove  ; 
And  keep  it  with  th*  unleaven'd  bread, 
Of  truth,  sincerity,  and  love. 

3   May  we  obey,  and  sweetly  prove ; 

How  blest  they  are,  who  know  his  name : 
And  share  at  length  with  those  above, 
The  wedding  supper  of  the  Lamb. 


u  Do  this  in  remembrance  of  me."  Luke  xxii.  1&. 

YES  Lord  !  we  must  remember  thee, 

While  memory  keeps  it's  place  : 
'Tis  meet  we  should,  for  thou  art  he, 

YVlio  saves  us  by  his  grace. 

2  Thy  body  broken  on  the  tree ; ' 
Thy  blood  for  sinners  shed : 
Remove  their  guilt,  and  blest  are  they, 
For  whom  the  victim  bled. 

5  To  thee,  O  Lord,  we  look  and  pray, 
Who  hast  provided  food, 
For  all  thy  people  on  the  way, 
To  yonder  blest  abode. 

4   O  feed  us  with  the  living  bread, 
That  we  may  live  and  grow, 
And  bless  the  table  thou  hast  spread. 
To  feed  us  here  below. 


5  In  mercy  all  our  sins  forgive  ; 

And  on  thy  people  shine  : 
In  sweet  communion  may  we  live, 
With  thee,   O  Lord,  and  thine. 

6  And  when  we  leave  the  world  below, 

May  this  our  portion  be  ; 
With  all  thy  happy  saints  to  go, 
And  live  in  Heav'n  with  thee. 


"  And  so  all  Israel  shall  be  saved."     ('Missionary  ) 

Rom.  xi.  26. 

YES,  we  hope  the  clay  is  nigh, 

When  many  nations  long  enslaved, 

Shall  break  forth,  and  sing  with  joy, 
"  Hosanna  to  the  Son  of  David." 

2  Abrah'm's  seed,  cast  off  so  long, 

Shall  then  appear  among  the  saved ; 
Shall  arise,   and  join  the  song  : 
"   Hosanna  to  the  Son  of  David." 

3  Jews  and  Gentiles  shall  unite  : 

By  Satan's  pow'r  no  more  enslaved  ; 
And  shall  sing  with  great  delig 
"   Hosanna  to  the  Son  of  David." 

4  But  a  brighter  day  is  nigh, 

When  Jesus  shall  collect  his  saved  ; 
Men  and  angels  then  shall  cry, 
M    Hosanna  to  the  Son  of  David." 




"   Come,  behold  the  works  of  the  Lord" 

Psalm  xlvi.  8, 

COME  and  see  what  God  is  doing  ; 

His  are  works  of  pow'r  and  grace  : 
Round  the  world  his  word  is  going ; 

Giving  light  to  ev'ry  place. 
'Tis  a  day  expected  long ; 
Theme  of  old  prophetic  song. 

2  While  the  nations  *are  contending, 

And  the  tumult  louder  grows ; 
Through  the  earth  our  God  is  sending, 

News  of  peace,  to  heal  our  woe3. 
Sounds  of  mercy  sweeter  are, 
Heard  amid'  the  din  of  war. 

3  Long  the  nations  were  benighted : 

And  the  darkness  had  been  still ; 
But  the  lamp  that  God  has  lighted, 

Now  is  set  upon  a  hill  ; 
Many  now  enjoy  the  light, 
And  with  rapture  hail  the  sight. 

4  Higher  still  and  higher  place  it : 

Shew  it  to  the  world  around ; 
Never  should  we  cease  to  raise  it, 

While  a  nation  still  is  found : 
One  to  whom  it  is  not  giv'n, 
To  enjoy  the  light  of  heav'n. 



**  Eoery  man  heard  them  speak  in  his  own  lan- 
guage." Acts  ii.  6, 

HOW  many  things  combine  to  shew, 

The  joyful  day  is  near  at  hand : 
"When  truth  shall  spread  and  sinners  know, 

The  Saviour's  name  in  ev'ry  land. 

c2  When  did  the  friends  of  truth  unite, 
With  so  much  zeal  as  now  they  do ; 
To  spread  abroad  it's  glorious  light, 
And  bring  it's  excellence  to  view  ? 

+   Mark  how  in  this  auspicious  time, 
A  time  by  prophets  not  unsung, 
The  people  hear,  of  every  clime, 
The  Gospel  in  their  native  tongue. 

4   It  runs,  it  flies  through  ev'ry  land  ; 
We  mark  it's  progress  with  delight : 
And  bless  his  name,  at  whose  command, 
A  day  has  ris'n  so  fair,  so  bright. 

£  Nor  should  his  people  give  him  rest, 
Or  cease  their  earnest  cry  to  raise, 
Until  Jerusalem  be  blest, 

And  through  the  earth  become  '•  a  praise." 

D  2 


HYMN     XL. 

We  cannot  but  speak  the  things  which  we  have 
seen  and  heard"  Acts  iv.  20. 

WE  have  heard  the  joyful  news  : 

Now  let  others  hear  it : 
Bear  the  tidings  to  the  Jews : 

To  the  nations  bear  it. 
They  who  know  the  joyful  sound. 

Never  should  conceal  it ; 
But  to  all  the  world  around, 

Far  and  wide  reveal  it. 

Joyful  news  the  Gospel  is, 

And  to  thought  confounding  : 
Wonder  O  ye  heav'ns  at  this ; 

Sing  of  grace  abounding. 
Grace  like  this  was  never  known  : 

God  our  nature  wearing  ; 
Making  human  guilt  his  own, 

And  our  sorrows  bearing. 

Spread  abroad  the  joyful  sound : 

Fly  in  all  directions  ; 
Speak  to  men  the  world  around, 

Men  of  all  complexions. 
All  are  sinners,  needing  grace  : 

God's  own  word  has  said  it ; 
Go  with  speed  to  ev'ry  place, 

And  unwearied  spread  it. 



And  may  he  whose  grace  it  is, 

Give  the  word  a  blessing  : 
Make  the  conquer'd  nations  his ; 

Ev'ry  ill  redressing. 
May  he  take  the  vail  away, 

All  the  earth  o'erspreading  ; 
And  his  mighty  pow'r  display, 

All  our  hopes  excceeding. 

HYMN     XLI. 

"  Behold,  the  Lord's  hand  is  not  shortened. 

Isaiah  lix.  1. 

LORD  arise,  and  crush  the  foe  : 
Conqu'ring  a. id  to  conquer  go  : 
See,  thy  people  wait  and  pray  ; 
Looking  for  a  promis'd  day. 
Yes,  thy  people  wait  with  reason, 
Looking  for  a  glorious  season. 

Where  is  now  thy  gracious  ear  ? 

Is  it  deaf  and  can  not  hear  ? 

Where  the  arm  that  smote  the  wave  ? 

Is  it  weak,  and  can  not  save  ? 

Lord,  arise,  thy  people  pray  thee  : 

When  thou  workest,  who  shall  stay  thee  ? 

Lord,  arise,  the  pow'r  is  thine  ; 
Let  thy  light  from  Zion  shine  : 
Glorious  r!i       in  all  thy  ways; 
Work  as  in  the  ancient  days  : 
When  thine  arm  thy  people  guided, 
Thro'  the  sea,  for  them  divided. 


As  when  thro*  a  desert  land, 
Thou  didst  lead  thy  people  on  : 
Waters  flow'd  at  thy  command, 
Waters  from  the  flinty  stone  : 
And  thy  people  saw  with  wonder, 
Seas  and  mountains  cleave  asunder. 

God  of  Isra'l,  still  the  same ; 
For  the  glory  of  thy  name, 
Let  thy  people  now  behold, 
Mighty  works,  like  those  of  old. 
Works  of  pow'r  the  mountains  moving  : 
Works  of  grace,  thy  kindness  proving. 

Lo :  I  am  with  you  ahvays."     Mat.  xxviii.  20. 

LET  the  friends  of  Jesus  boldly 

Plead  the  cause  he  owns  as  his : 
111  it  would  become  them,  coldly 

To  maintain  a  cause  like  this: 
He  who  owns  it, 

Lord  of  life  and  glory  is. 

They  who  plead  the  cause  of  error, 

Labour  in  the  work  they  love  : 
And  shall  they,  who  know  the  terror 

Of  the  Lord,  less  zealous  prove ; 
And  less  gladly 

In  their  master's  service  move  ? 


Long  we  were,  as  those  who  car'd  not, 
Wliile  the  nations  went  astray  : 

Or  as  those,  we  seem'd,  who  dar'd  not, 
Meet  the  foe  and  take  the  prey  ; 

Henceforth  zealous, 
Let  us  mourn  the  long  delay. 

Though  the  world  around  be  strangers 
To  the  truth,   and  will  oppose  : 

JLet  us  go,  nor  shrink  from  dangers, 
Though  we  meet  ten  thousand  foes  : 

'Tis  sufficient, 
Jesus  with  his  people  goes. 


■   When  thy  judgments  are  in  the  earth,  the  inha- 
bitants of  the  world  will  learn  righteousness" 

Isaiah  xxvi.  9. 

LET  those  who  are  agreed, 

That  Jesus  is  the  lord; 
The  sinner's  hope  indeed  : 
His  people's  blest  reward. 
Unite  in  one 
To  make  him  known, 
And  spread  abroad  in  ev'ry  place, 
The  tidings  of  the  Saviour's  grace. 



What  day  like  this  has  been, 

So  promising  and  fair  ? 
How  many  signs  are  seen, 
That  shew  the  season  rare  ? 
And  bid  us  fly, 
With  eager  joy ; 
To  spread  abroad  in  ev'ry  place, 
The  tidings  of  the  Saviour's  grace. 

The  judgments  of  our  God, 

That  shew  his  mighty  arm ; 
Are  in  the  earth  abroad, 
And  fill  it  with  alarm  : 

A  time  like  this, 
Propitious  is, 
To  spread  abroad  in  ev'ry  place, 
'  The  tidings  of  the  Saviour's  grace. 

The  doors  now  open  stand, 

That  lately  all  were  barr'd ; 
Unlock 'd  at  his  command, 
To  whom  no  work  is  hard. 

He  points  the  way : 
Let  us  obey, 
And  spread  abroad  in  ev'ry  place, 
The  tidings  of  the  Saviour's  grace. 



Worship  him  all  ye  Gods.'*     Psalm 

FALL,  ye  idols,  fall  before  him, 
Lo,  the  living  God  appears  : 

All  ye  gods  around,  adore  him, 
Tremble  and  confess  your  fears  : 

Prostrate  from  your  places  hurl'd, 

Own  the  God  that  made  the  world. 

Long  he  seem'das  one  forgetting ; 

Or  as  one  who  lay  asleep  : 
Or  as  one  who  car'd  not,  letting 

All  the  nations  stray  like  sheep  : 
Only  seem'd ;  He  slumbcr'd  not ; 
Nor  was  heedless,  nor  forgot. 

But  he  seems  to  sleep  no  longer : 
Lo,  he  comes  to  meet  his  toes ; 

Soon  to  prove  whose  arm  is  stronger, 
His,  or  their's,  who  dare  oppose  : 

When  his  arm  is  lifted  up, 

Who  or  what  his  work  shall  stop  ? 



HYMN     XLV. 

"   This  day  is  a  day  of  good  tidings,  <Jc." 

2  Kings  vii.  9. 

SPREAD  the  news,  go  spread  it  wide : 

Spread  the  joyful  story  ; 
Tell  how  Jesus  liv'd  and  died, 

Spread  the  victor's  glory. 
He  is  now  by  angels  crown' d. 

He,  whom  man  rejected  : 
Tell  to  all  the  nations  round, 

What  he  has  effected. 

Having  heard  the  joyful  news, 

Let  us  not  conceal  it : 
Rather  let  his  people  choose, 

Boldly  to  reveal  it 
'Tis  the  joyful  news,  when  known* 

Takes  away  our  sadness  : 
This  it  is,  and  this  alone, 

Fills  the  heart  with  gladness". 

Let  us  then  with  zeal  engage, 

In  a  work  so  glorious : 
Knowing,  though  the  foe  should  rage, 

Truth  will  prove  victorious. 
'Tis  a  cause  that  must  prevail, 

Let  who  may  desert  it : 
Since  the  arm  that  cannot  fail, 

Will  with  pow'r  assert  it. 



"  Because  that  for  his  namesake  they  went  forth." 

5  John.  7. 

WHILE  in  the  general  joy  we  share, 

And  learn  the  Lord  to  bless ; 
Who  makes  our  native  land  his  care, 

And  gives  her  arras  success. 

2  On  other  deeds  we  fix  our  eyes ; 
On  deeds  of  higher  boast : 
On  deeds  whose  mera'ry  never  dies. 
Whose  good  is  never  lost. 

5   On  those  we  look,  who  distant  far, 
From  friends  and  native  land : 
To  meet  the  pow'rs  of  darkness  dare, 
At  God's  supreme  command. 

4  They  face  the  perils  of  the  wave, 

The  perils  of  the  land  : 
The  perils  of  the  clime  they  brave, 
A  chosen  faithful  band. 

5  A  voluntary  service  their's ; 

Their  work  a  work  of  love  : 
'Tis  love  that  dissipates  their  fears, 
And  makes  them  constant  prove. 

€  The  world  knows  nothing  of  their  deeds, 
Or  it*  it  knows,  disdains  : 
But  God  above  their  labour  heeds, 
And  shares  in  all  their  pains. 


Be  patient  then,  ye  champions  bold, 

Nor  weary  in  the  strife  : 
Your  master  you  will  soon  behold, 

And  gain  a  crown  life. 


And  they  caused  great  joy  to  all  the  brethren" 

Acts  xv.  3. 

GLAD  we  hear,  from  day  to  day, 

What  the  Lord  is  doing  : 
How  the  Gospel  wins  it's  way, 

Sinners'  hearts  subduing : 
What  a  glorious  work  is  his  ? 

Work,  for  ever  lasting  : 
Ev'ry  other  work  but  this, 

Fading  is  and  wasting. 

While  the  judgments  of  the  Lord, 

Heav'n  and  earth  are  shaking  : 
Rous'd  from  slumber  by  his  word, 

Thousands  are  awaking : 
Swiftly  flies  "  the  joyful  sound," 

Heav'nly  truth  declaring ; 
To  a  guilty  world  around, 

News  of  pardon  bearing. 

Saviour,  let  thy  message  run, 

Message  of  salvation  : 
Take  it's  circuit  like  the  sun ; 

Visit  ev'ry  nation. 
Earth  has  long  been  overspread, 

Overspread  with  sadness : 
Let  the  day-spring  come  with  speed, 

Bringing  light  and  gladness. 


HYMN     XL  VI II. 

"  God  is  love"      1  John  iv.  16. 

"   GOD  is  love"   His  word  has  said  it : 
This  is  news  of  heav'nly  birth  ; 

Fly  abroad  and  quickly  spread  it, 

Make  it  known  through  all  the  earth, 
That  "   God  is  love." 

2*Nbt  in  yonder  blessed  regions, 

Where  the  Lord  with  glory  crown'd, 
Reigns  amidst  angelic  legions, 
Will  the  brightest  proof  be  found. 
That  "  God  is  love." 

3  'Tis  on  earth  the  Lord  discloses, 

All  his  love,  how  vast  it  is  : 
Earth's  the  favour'd  spot  he  chooses, 
To  convince  the  world  of  this, 

That  "   God  is  love" 

4  'Tis  that  "  Man  of  sorrows"  yonder, 

Object  of  contempt  beneath  : 
But  in  Heav'n  of  highest  wonder, 
Teaches  fully  by  his  death, 

That  "   God  is  love" 

5  His  a  throne,  the  throne  of  heaven, 

Yet  he  comes  on  earth  to  bleed : 
And  for  man  his  life  is  given  ; 
This  is  what  declares  indeed, 

That  "   God  is  love" 


Not  for  those  who  ever  lov'd  him. 
Did  the  Lord  of  glory  die  : 

Pity  to  the  wretched  mov'd  him, 
Who,  that  hears  it  will  deny, 

That"  God  is  lover 

*Tis  a  truth,  away  and  spread  it, 
Spread  the  tidings  far  and  near : 

O  may  sinners  give  it  credit, 
And  be  joyful  when  they  hear, 

That  "   God  is  love." 


"   The  Son  of  Man  hath  not  ivhere  to  lay  his  head." 

Mat.  viii.  20. 

'TWAS  he  who  made  the  world  that  said, 
He  had  not  where  to  lay  his  head : 
The  Earth  could  not  a  place  afford, 
To  Earth  and  Heav'n's  eternal  Lord. 

2  Wherever  Jesus  mov'd  he  found, 
That  ev'ry  place  was  hostile  ground : 
The  earth  was  occupied  by  those, 
Who  gloried  in  the  name  of  foes. 

5  No  rest  had  he  from  pain  and  strife, 
A  life  of  suff'ring  was  his  life : 
Nor  did  the  Saviour  find  repose, 
'Till  life  itself  had  reach'd  a  close. 


4  In  victory  he  found  Tepose, 

In  death  he  vanquish'd  all  his  foes : 
He  grasp'd  the  pillars  of  their  pow'r, 
And  all  their  glory  sunk  that  hour. 

5  The  battle's  fought,  the  day  is  won, 
The  conflict's  past,  the  work  is  done  : 
And  now  he  reaps  the  fruit  of  toil, 
The  glory  his,  and  his  the  spoil. 

6.  A  little  while,  and  he  shall  come, 
Who  could  not  find  on  earth  a  home : 
To  their  great  joy  he  shall  appear, 
Who  like  himself  are  strangers  here. 

7   The  Heaven  and  Earth  shall  pass  away, 
Their  doom  is  fix'd  for  that  great  day : 
But  all  the  saints  shall  then  be  blest, 
And  gain  an  everlasting  rest. 

HYMN     L. 

<;  For  when  I  am  weak,  the  a  am  I  strong." 

2  Cor.  xii.  La 

NO  strength  at  all  belongs  to  us, 
lgth  in  Jesus  is  : 
>r  should  we  grieve  to  have  it  thus, 
Since  all  the  praise  is  his. 

2   Some  cause  to  boaf;t,  however  small, 
Some  store  we  fain  would  hare  : 
I';  strips  his  saints  of  all, 

Zhat  his  own  arm  nu 

3  We  nothing  lose,  we  nothing  had, 
'Twas  ail  a  fancy' d  store  : 
Tho'  weak  we're  strong,  rejoice  though  sad, 
And  we  are  rich  though  poor. 

4  With  strength  sufficient  for  the  day, 

The  Lord  his  saints  supplies  : 
This  thought  should  keep  them  from  dismay, 
Though  many  foes  arise. 

5  Yea,  though  an  host  of  foes  be  near. 

Though  mountains  rise  in  view  : 
And  though  the  sea  in  front  appear, 
The  Lord  will  bring  them  through. 

6  The  Lord  will  open  for  his  saints, 

A  passage  through  the  sea  : 
His  arm  will  break  through  all  restraints, 
And  what  he  wills  shall  be. 

7  O  Happy  people  of  his  choice, 

Redeem'd  and  sav'd  by  grace  : 
'Tis  yours  for  ever  to  rejoice, 
In  yonder  giorious  place. 


HYMN     LI. 

"  0  Nebuchadnezzar,  we  are  not  careful  to  an- 
twer  thee  in  this  matter."     Daniel  iii.  1G. 

WHEN  all  were  enjoin 'cl  by  decree, 

Before  the  great  image  to  fall ; 
The  tyrant  expected  to 

His  manda  j  comply'd  with  by  all. 
Whatever  their  master  01  iain'd, 

#Was  done  by  the  flexible  crowd  : 
By  fear  of  his  anger  constraint, 

Before  the  great  image  they  bow'd. 

But  some  there  were  found  who  rerus'd 

To  prostrate  themselves  at  his  word : 
They  v\ould  not  obey  him,  unus'd 

To  adore  any  God  but  the  lord. 
In  vain  did  the  tyrant  proclaim, 

His  purpose  to  make  them  comply  : 
In  vain  did  he  point  out  the  flame, 

And  bid  them  obey  him  or  die. 

The  Champions  with  confidence  said, 

u  Let  others,   O  King,  dread  thine  arm  : 
"   In  vain  are  thy  terrors  displa; 

"  For  to  us  they  convey  no  alarm. 
"  Our  God,  whom  we  worship,   i-  nigh, 

"  To  save  us,  O  King,  from  mine  hand  a 
"   But  know,  we  choose  rather  to  die, 

-   Than  yield  to  thy  impious  coimaand." 


'Tis  thus  that  the  saints  must  obey, 

Their  work  must  be  thoroughly  done  : 
Though  death  should  appear  in  the  way, 

Their  duty  is  still  to  go  on. 
The  Lord  will  approve  at  the  last, 

Those  only  who  thus  persevere : 
And  such,  when  the  conflict  is  past, 

Before  him  with  joy  shall  appear. 

HYMN     LII. 


God  forbid  that  I  should  glory  save  in  the  Cross.'* 

Gal.  vi.  14 

WE  sing  the  praise  of  him  who  died, 

Of  him  who  died  upon  the  Cross : 
The  sinner's  hope  let  men  deride, 

For  this  we  count  the  world  but  loss. 

Inscrib'd  upon  the  Cross  we  see 

In  shining  letters  "   God  is  love  :" 
He  bears  our  sins  upon  the  tree, 

He  brings  us  mercy  from  above. 

Th  e  c  r  o  s  s  !  it  takes  our  guilt  away, 

It  holds  the  fainting  spirit  up : 
It  cheers  with  hope  the  gloomy  day, 

And  sweetens  ev'ry  bitter  cup. 

It  makes  the  coward  spirit  brave, 

And  nerves  the  feeble  arm  for  fight : 
It  takes  its  terror  from  the  grave, 

And  guilds  the  bed  of  death  with  light. 

The  balm  of  life  ;  the  cure  of  woe; 

The  measure  and  the  pledge  of  love  : 
^Tisall  that  sinners  want  below; 

'Tis  all  that  angels  know  above. 



1  Seek  ye  mey  and  ye  shall  live.''''     Amos  v.  4. 

TO  thee  we  come,  our  God,  to  thee  ; 

We  come  to  seek  thy  face  : 
Before  thy  throne  thy  people  see, 

Before  thy  throne  of  grace. 

We  bring  thy  promise,  and  we  plead, 

Thy  mercy  and  thy  name  ; 
To  our  petitions,   Lord,  give  heed, 

And  put  us  not  to  shame. 

3  Subdue  the  foes  that  are  within ; 

Our  mighty  foes  subdue  : 
O !  break  in  us  the  pow'r  of  sin, 
And  make  us,  Lord,  anew. 

4  We  know,  in  such  a  strife  as  this, 

How  vain  are  mortal  pow'rs  ; 
No  strength  but  thine  sufficient  is, 
Against  such  foes  as  ours. 

6   In  us  thy  pleasure,  Lord,  fulfil, 
The  work  of  faith  with  pow'r  ; 
That  we  may  do  and  love  thy  will, 
Nor  leave  thee  from  this  hour. 


HYMN     LIV. 

Watching  daily  at  my  gates'''     Pro  v.  viii.  54. 

FEW  we  are,  but  though  still  fewer, 

Yet  would  God  incline  his  ear ; 
For  we  know  that  we  are  slower 

Far  to  ask,  than  he  to  hear : 
Thus  encourag'd, 

Let  us  to  his  throne  draw  near. 

Happy  they,  who  wait  his  leisure, 
Who  in  faith  and  patience  wait : 

Happy  they,  to  whom  'tis  pleasure 
To  attend  at  wisdom's  gate. 
Good  awaits  them, 
And  the  peace  they  have  is  great. 

They  who  know  not  God,  are  strangers 

To  the  joys  his  people  have  ; 
In  the  midst  of  fears  and  dangers, 

He  is  near  to  help  and  save  : 
And  his  presence 

Renders  ev'n  the  coward  brave. 

Let  us  then  in  faith  and  patience, 

Wait  on  him  who  hears  our  cry; 
He  fu  fils  our  expectations, 

He  will  all  our  wants  supply : 
He  will  give  us 

Fresent  and  eternal  joy. 

HYMN     LV. 

"  I  am  that  bread  of  life."     John  vi.  48, 

IN  fellowship  we  meet  around 

The  table  of  our  Lord  : 
Let  joy  and  thankfulness  abound  ; 

For  faithful  is  his  word. 

2  The  people  whom  the  Lord  appoints 

The  heirs  of  glory  here ; 
He  saves,  and  by  his  grace  anoints, 
And  bids  them  nothing  fear. 

3  The  food  they  eat  is  meat  indeed ; 

The  richest  Heav'n  affords  : 

The  bread  of  God  is  living  bread, 

His  words  are  living  words. 

4  Then  let  our  thankful  songs  abound, 

Our  privilege  is  great ; 
Our  father's  table  we  surround, 
And  eat  of  children's  meat. 


u    When  the  disciples  came  together  to  break  bread." 

Acts  xx.  7. 

BREAKING  bread  in  love  together, 

As  our  master  bid  us  do : 
We  have  joy  and  profit  whether 

Men  approve  the  deed  or  no : 


i   sO. 


Love  is  cherlsh'd  and  augmented, 
While  we  keep  our  Saviour's  laws 

And  his  people  are  contented, 
To  forego  the  world's  applause : 

Should  they  suffer, 
Pain  is  sweet  in  such  a  cause. 

Saviour,  hear  thy  people  praying 
Hear  us  from  thy  throne  of  grace  : 

O  be  here,  thy  love  displaying ; 
Let  thy  people  see  thy  face  : 
'Tis  thy  presence 
Renders  sacred  ev'ry  place. 

Let  us  here  have  sweet  communion 
With  each  other  and  with  thee  : 

Truth  the  sacred  bond  of  union ; 
Truth  that  makes  thy  people  free. 

Heaven  in  prospect 
Heav'n  where  saints  thy  glory  see. 


0  Lord  make  haste  to  help  vie.1*     Psalm  xl.  13. 

THANKS  to  him  who  thus  permits  us 

In  his  gracious  name  to  meet : 
Who  for  conflict  arms  and  fits  us ; 

Else  for  such  a  strife  unfit. 
In  his  service 

Loss  is  gain,  and  pain  is  sweet. 


2  O  our  Saviour,  be  thou  near  us» 

When  we  join  the  world  again  : 
In  the  time  of  trouble  hear  us ; 
Nor  forsake  thy  people  then : 

O  preserve  us, 
Lest  we  learn  to  "  walk  as  men." 

3  Thine  we  are,  and  thine  we  would  be, 

Lord,  we  would  be  thine  alone  : 
•  What  thou  doest  is  what  should  be ; 
This  is  to  thy  people  known  : 

Teach  us  always 
Thus  to  pray  "  Thy  will  be  done." 

4  In  our  way  through  life  supply  us, 

Lord,  with  grace  to  live  to  thee  : 
In  the  hour  of  death  stand  by  us ; 
Grant  us  then  the  victory : 

And  hereafter, 
Let  us  all  thy  glory  see. 

Hear  -my  prayer  0  Lord.'1     Psalm  xxxix.  12. 

THANKFUL  for  thy  kind  permission, 

To  appear  before  thy  throne  : 
Lord  we  come  with  our  petition, 

Tho'  with  claim  and  merit  none. 
All  we  ask  for 

If,  we  know,  of  grace  alone. 


Yet  this  grace  sufficient  ever, 
For  thy  people's  need  is  found ; 

Sweet  assurance  !  never,  never 
Let  us  leave  this  solid  ground : 

This  supports  us 
"When  our  wants  and  fears  abound. 

Lord,  we  plead  with  thee  for  pardon ; 

Who  can  need  it  more  than  we  ? 
3Iake  us  as  a  water'd  garden, 

Fruitful  let  thy  people  be  : 
"lis  thy  pleasure 

That  thy  people  live  to  thee. 

Keep  us  in  a  world  of  sorrow : 

When  we  call,   O  hear  our  pray'r; 

Let  us  trust  thee  for  the  morrow, 
Free  from  boasting,  free  from  care. 

When  Sicy  trust  thee, 
Happy  then  thy  people  arc. 

HYMN     LIX. 

Be  of  good  cheer,  I  have  overcome  the  world" 

%       Jo  h  n  xvi.  55. 

SAVIOUR,  be  thou  with  us,  going 
With  the  world  to  mix  again : 

to,  knowing 
We  arc  weak  as  other  men : 

If:  p  us 

We  are  safe,  and  o:;iy  then. 


Precious  is  thy  word  of  promise  ; 

Precious  to  thy  people  here  : 
Tho'  the  foe  would  wrest  it  from  us> 

Thou  hast  bid  us  nothing  fear : 
In  our  trials, 

Thou  hast  said,  thou  wilt  be  nearr 

In  thy  strength  we  bid  defiance, 
To  the  world,  it's  smile  or  frown  ; 

On  thy  strength  our  whole  reliance, 
On  thy  strength,  and  not  our  own. 

Happy  are  we 
When  we  trust  to  thee  alone. 

4  May  we  thus,  till  life  is  over, 

Trust  in  thee,  and  constant  prove ; 
Ev'ry  day  fresh  cause  discover, 
Cause  of  wonder,  joy,  and  love. 

And  victorious 
To  our  place  in  Hcav'n  remove. 

5  There  to  see  our  Saviour's  glory  ; 

There  to  serve  him  without  fear : 
There  to  tell  the  wond'rous  story, 
Of  the  grace  that  found  us  here  : 

And  for  ever 
Praise  the  name  to  sinners  dear. 


HYMN     LX. 

u   Waiting  at  the  posts  of  my  doors." 

Prov.  viii.  34, 

SWEET  are  the  seasons  when  we  wait, 
To  hear  what  God  our  Lord  will  say: 

For  they  who  wetoh  at  wisdom's  gate, 
Are  never  empty  sent  away. 

2  Behold  us.   Lord,  a  few  of  thine, 

Who  hither  come  to  seek  thy  face  : 
In  mercy  on  thy  people  shine, 
And  let  thy  presence  fill  the  place. 

5  How  sweet,  how  blessed  is  the  thought, 
That  thou  dost  hear  thy  people's  cries ! 
And  whether  thou  dost  give  or  not, 
'Tis  love  that  grants,  and  love  denies. 

4  O  teach  us  Lord  to  wait  thy  will, 

To  be  content  with  aU  thou  dost : 
For  us  thy  grace  sufficient  still, 

With  most  supplied  when  needing  most. 

5  'Till  life  shall  end  thus  let  it  be  ; 

d  O  sustain  us  in  that  hour: 
trial  past,  we  hope  to  see, 
The  Saviour  whom  we  here  adore.         ■ 

G  We  hope  at  length  to  take  our  part 

V>  itfa  yonder  host,  through  trouble  brought : 
We  hope  to  see  thee  as  thou  art, 
A  nd  (hen  to  praise  thee  as  we  ci 


HYMN     LXI. 

"  Rejoice  in  the  LORD:'     Phil.  iii.  1. 

IN  Him  whose  presence  gladdens  Heav'n, 

We  do  and  will  rejoice  : 
How  blest  are  they  to  whom  'tis  giv'n, 

To  hear  and  know  his  voice  ? 

2  Against  the  Lord  we  once  bore  arms, 

His  mercy  we  oppos'd  : 
The  charmer's  voice  possess'd  no  charms 
For  those  w]iose  curs  were  clos'd. 

3  He  might  have  left  us  to  ensure 

The  course  we  seem'd  to  brave  ; 
Our  case  would  then  admit  do  cm*e, 
For  who  but  he  could  sa 

4  But  though  re  be  strove, 

His  purpose  was  to  sa\e  : 
He  show'd  the  greatness  of  his  love; 
And  though  provok'd,  fbig 

5  Then  let  us  sing  of  grace  alone, 

And  magnify  the  naflMt 
Of  him  that  sits  upon  the  throne, 
And  let  us  praise  the  lamb. 


"  I  have  loved  thee:'     Jer.  xxxi.  5. 

THE  God  himself,  who  reigns  on  high, 

Has  set  his  love  on  us  : 
And  we  his  people  wonder  why 

He  should  have  acted  thus. 


2  Why  we  should  live,  and  others  not, 

We  are  not  giv'n  to  know ; 
'Tis  far  too  high  for  human  thought, 
For  human  thought  below. 

3  Perhaps,  in  yonder  glorious  place, 

We  may  be  giv'n  to  know, 
Why  we  are  objects  here  of  grace, 
And  why  distinguish 'd  so. 

4  But  should  this  knowledge  be  too  high, 

For  all  but  God  alone  : 
Enough  for  us,  if  we  enjoy 
His  love,  the  cause  unknown. 


Content  with  this,  our  aim  should  be, 

To  live  at  all  times  thus ; 
That  all  the  world  around  may  see, 

The  fruit  of  grace  in  us. 


HYMN     LXni. 

"  In  luhom  we  have  redemption,"     Colos.  i.  14' 

IN  our  Lord  we  have  redemption ; 

Full  remission  in  his  blood  : 
From  the  curse  entire  exemption, 

From  the  curse  pronounc'd  by  God. 
What  a  Saviour  Jesus  is  ! 
O  what  love,  what  love  is  his  J 


2  See  the  Lord,  our  nature  wearing ; 

This  is  wond'rous  in  our  eyes : 
See  him  all  our  sorrows  bearing, 

Hark  !   'tis  he,  'tis  he  who  cries : 
While  he  bears  the  curse  for  us, 
"  Why  am  I  forsaken  thus  ?" 

5  Awful  cry  !  it  shows  his  stiff  'ring 
Far  above  the  reach  of  thought : 

When  he  gave  himself  an  off'ring ; 
And  with  blood  his  people  bought. 

When  their  sins  on  him  were  laid, 

And  their  ransom  fully  paid. 

4  Praise  be  his,  all  praise  transcending  : 

Praise  on  earth,  and  praise  in  Heav'n ; 

Praise  thro'  ages  never  ending, 
To  the  Lamb  of  God  be  giv'n. 

He  alone  the  Saviour  is, 

Everlasting  praise  be  his. 


&aPPy  *5  thut  people  whose  God  is  the  Lord." 

Psalm  cxliv.  15. 

LORD,  dismiss  us  hence  with  gladness; 

Be  thy  people's  lot  our  choice  : 
'Tis  thy  foes  have  cause  of  sadness, 
But  thy  people  may  rejoice. 

Who  shall  harm  them, 
While  they  hear  and  know  thv  voice  ? 


Prom  thy  word  with  food  provided, 
May  we  feed  thereon  and  grow  : 

And  by  thee  our  Saviour  guided, 
Thro'  the  pathless  desert  go  : 

While  the  gospel 
Charms  our  hearts  from  all  below. 

Saviour,  keep  all  evil  from  us ; 

Go  before  us  in  the  way  : 
Till  we  reach  the  land  of  promise, 

Be  thy  word  our  guide  and  stay ; 
Joy  and  triumph 

Shall  be  ours  in  that  bright  day. 

Then  thy  people's  griefs  are  over : 
Then  thy  people  cease  to  fight ; 

In  that  day  thou  wilt  discover 
All  thy  glory  to  our  sight. 
God  our  portion 
God  our  everlasting  light, 

HYMN     LXV. 

•  I  ivill  trusty  and  not  be  afraid.'3     Isaiah  xii.  2. 

WHEN  we  can  not  see  our  way, 
Let  us  trust,  and  still  obey  : 
He  who  bids  us  forward  go, 
Can  not  fail  the  way  to  show. 

2  Tho'  the  sea  be  deep  and  wide  : 
Tho'  a  passage  seems  deny'd ; 
Fearless  let  us  still  proceed, 
Since  the  Lord  vouchsafes  to  lead* 


5  Tho'  it  seems  the  gloom  of  night, 
Tho'  we  see  no  ray  of  light : 
Since  the  Lord  himself  is  there, 
'Tis  not  meet  that  we  should  fear. 

•4  Night  with  him  is  never  night : 
pre  he  is,  there  all  is  light ; 
When  he  ealls  us  why  delay  ? 
They  are  happy  who  obey. 

5   Be  it  ours  then  while  we're  here, 
Him  to  follow  without  fear  : 
Where  he?  calls  us,  there  to  go, 
"What  he  bids  us,  that  to  do. 


"  And  on  his  head  uere  vian:j  nnwns" 

Rev.  xix.  12, 

LET  crowns  of  glory  wreathe  the  head 

Or'  him,  who  bore  the  Cro 
He  liveth  now  ;    He  once  was  dead  : 

He  died  and  rose  for  us.' 

2   For  us  the  Saviour  died  and  rose, 
Fo:-  us  whom  he  has  sav'd  ; 
For  us,  who  once  Appear'd  his  foes  ; 
Whom  sin  had  once  enslav'd. 

*    How  rich  the  grace,  how  free  the  love, 
That  saves  a  people  thus  ! 
The  theme  is  high,  our  thoughts  above, 
'Tis  for  too  high  for  us. 


4  Nor  can  the  brightest  seraph  there, 

In  yonder  world  above  ; 
The  subject  fathom,  and  declare, 
The  mystery  of  love. 

5  Its  breadth  and  length,  its  depth  and  height, 

Are  such  that  he  alone, 
Can  estimate  the  theme  aright, 
To  whom  all  things  are  known. 

6  But  this  we  know,  that  God  is  love  ; 

A  truth  by  Heav'n  confess'd : 
And  those  below,  and  those  above, 
Who  know  his  name  are  bless' d. 

7  And  when  to  yonder  place  we  go, 

Where  soon  we  hope  to  be  : 
We  then  shall  know  what  angels  know, 
And  see  what  angels  see. 


"  By  grace  ye  are  saved."     Eph.  ii.  5. 

NOTHING  but  the  purest  grace, 
Could  have  sav'd  and  set  us  free  : 

Saviour,  when  we  see  thy  face, 
O  what  thanks  well  give  to  thee  ! 

How  we'll  tell  to  all  around  us, 

What  we  were  when  mercy  found  us ! 


We  were  then  the  heirs  of  woe  ; 

Guilty  and  condemn'd  to  die  : 
Yet,  not  snowing  it  was  so, 

We  were  in  a  dream  of  joy  : 
Such  we  were  when  mercy  found  us  : 
So  we'll  tell  to  all  around  us. 

We  were  foolish,  we  were  blind  ; 

Yet  we  fancied  all  was  right : 
Darkness  reign'd  within  the  mind, 

Yet  we  thought  that  darkness  light 
Such  we  were  when  mercy  found  us, 
So  we'll  tell  to  all  around  us. 

4  We  were  foes,  were  foes  to  him  ; 

Who  himself  to  save  us  died  : 
From  the  world  we  sought  esteem, 

And  it's  favour  was  our  pride  : 
.Such  we  were  when  ./and  us, 

Ho  well  tell  to  all  arouiul 


'"  How  shall  ive  sing  the  Lord's  tong  hi  a  s' 

lam  Psalm  cxxxvii  i. 

OX  the  l>oughs  our  harps  suspended ; 
Exiles  we  and  far  from  ho 

.1  will  (it  f  be  encled  ? 

Y>  !  en  1  come, 

Shed*  a  ray  that  cheers  our  gloom  ? 


Can  we  sing  'midst  foes  and  strangers  ? 

Can  we  sing  when  all  revile  ? 
When  expos'd  to  snares  and  dangers, 

Can  we  sing  or  can  we  smile  ? 
But  not  distant 

Is  the  end  of  gi  ief  and  toil. 

Silent  now,  not  without  reason, 
Many  are  our  foes  and  strong  : 

But  we  hope  to  see  a  season, 

When  we  shall  resume  our  song. 

Songs  of  triumph 
Shall  be  ours  we  trust,  ere  long. 

Sweet  the  prospect !  how  it  cheers  us ! 

Cheers  us  in  the  midst  of  foes : 
And  ev'n  now  our  Saviour  hears  us, 

Hears  our  cry,  and  soothes  our  woes 
Hope  sustains  us, 

Hope  of  freedom  and  repose. 



What  manner  of  man  is  this  ?  S(c" 

Mark  iv. 


"  WHO  is  this  that  calms  the  ocean  ?" 
Thus  they  cried,  who  were  on  board : 

When  they  saw  the  wild  commotion 
Cease,  as  Jesus  spoke  the  word. 

When  the  sudden  calm  they  saw, 

Wonder  filTd  their  minds  and  awe. 


He,  who  bids  the  tempest  riot 
On  the  deep,  and  make  it  swell : 

He  alone  the  storm  can  quiet 
Saying  to  it,  "  Peace  be  still." 

He  whose  pow'r  to  all  gives  birth  : 

AlHn  Heav'n,  and  all  in  earth. 

He  who  calms  the  sea  when  raging, 

Stills  the  tumult  of  the  soul : 
By  his  word  the  storms  assuaging, 

Storms  too  furious  for  ccntroul : 
TSuthe  binds  them  with  his  hand, 
And  they  cease  at  his  command. 

Ye,  who  all  your  hope  deriving 

From  yourselves,  have  labour'd  long; 

To  allay  the  storm  by  striving, 

But  have  found  the  storm  too  strong: 

From  the  hopeless  labour  cease, 

Jesus  gives  the  troubled  peace. 

HYMN     LXX. 

unto  the  Children  of  Israel  that  they  go 
forward*  '  Exod.  riv.  15. 

"  FORWARD  let  the  people  go," 
I  •  ael's  God  will  have  it  so  : 
Tho'  the  path  be  thro'  the  sea, 
Tsra'l,  what  is  that  to  thee  ? 
He  who  bids  thee  pass  the  waters, 
Will  be  with  hi*  son*  and  daughters. 


2   Deep  i  -  the  sea  appears ; 

Isra'l  wonders,   Isra'l  fears : 
Yet  the  word  is,  "  Forward,"  still, 
Isra'l  'tis  thy  Master's  will ; 
Tho'  no  way  thou  canst  discover, 
Nor  one  plank  to  float  thee  over. 

5  Isra'l,  art  thou  sorely  tried  ? 
Art  thou  press'd  on,  ev'ry  side  ? 
Does  it  seem,  as  if  no  pow'r, 
Could  relieve  thee  in  this  hour  ? 
Wherefore  art  thou  thus  dishearten'd  ? 
Is  the  arm  that  saves  thee  shorten'd  ? 

4  Stand  thou  still  this  day  and  see, 
Wonders  wrought,  and  wrought  for  thee 
Safe  thyself  on  yonder  shore, 

Thou  shalt  see  thy  foes  no  more  : 
•   Thine  to  see  the  Saviour's  glory  : 
Thine  to  tell  the  wond'rous  story. 

5  Yea,  thy  God  shall  yet  be  known, 
Far  and  wide,  as   God  alone: 

At  his  word  shall  idols  fall  \ 
For  thy  God  is  Lord  of  all. 
Strength  is  his,  and  his  salvatiov 
lie  shall  reign  in  ev'ry  nation. 



"   Turn  again  our  captivity,   0  Lord.'* 

Psalm  cxxvi.  4. 

WE  turn  to  Zion,  seat  of  peace, 
Nor  can  the  treasures  of  the  earth 

Detain  us  here,  or  make  us  cease 

To  love  the  place  that  gave  us  birth. 

2  The  subjects  of  a  foreign  Lord, 

But  here  condemn'd  a  while  to  mourn : 
We  hope,  according  to  his  word, 
One  day  with  singing  to  return. 

3  Our  Lord,  whom  now  we  know  and  love, 

But  cannot  see,  will  then  appear  : 
Appear  in  glory,  far  above 

Whatever  thought  can  fancy  here. 

4  His  fame  has  reach'd  us  from  afar : 

And  much  we  hear  of  his  renown  ; 
Yet  such  his  wealth  and  glory  are, 
Not  half  of  what  is  true  is  known. 

5  But  when  in  yonder  place  we  see 

The  King  himself  without  a  veil ; 
Shall  angels  be  so  bless'd  as  we, 
Or  equal  joy  and  wonder  feel  ? 




u  Yea,  he  did  Jly  upon  the  wings  of  the  wind.*9 

PsalxM  xviii.  10. 

THE  Lord,  his  way  is  in  the  storms  : 
The  light'nings  fly  at  his  command  ; 

He  gave  to  nature  all  it's  forms, 
And  nature  owns  his  guiding  hand. 

2  The  mountains  tremble  at  his  look : 
The  everlasting  hills  remove ; 
The  sea  is  dried  at  his  rebuke, 
At  his  rebuke  who  reigns  above. 

&  And  is  it  true,  indeed,  that  he, 

Whom  Heav'n  itself  cannot  contain, 
Will  dwell  on  earth  ?  and  will  he  be 
Our  God,  and  bless  his  feeble  train  ? 

4  What  grace  is  this  !  what  grace  to  us  ? 
O  Lord,  we  wonder  and  adore, 
That  such  as  we  are  favour'd  thus, 
Who  fought  against  thy  grace  before. 

,5   O  may  that  grace  our  fear  remove  ! 
And  render  captive  ev'ry  thought ; 
To  him  who  came  from  Heav'n  above, 
And  with  his  blood  his  people  bought. 

i  5 


■  Let  God  arise."     Psalm  btviii.  1 

LET  God  arise  ; 
The  only  wise  ; 

And  let  his  foes  before  him  fly  : 
At  his  command; 
Let  ev'ry  land, 

Be  fill'd  with  light  and  sacred  joy. 

2  The  dawning  ray 
Of  that  bright  day, 

Whose  sun  shall  gladden  ev'ry  place, 
A  light  imparts, 
lhat  cheers  our  hea< 

And  bids  us  toil  and  danger  face. 

5   The  Lord  has  said, 
His  truth  shall  spread, 

And  all  the  earth  his  glory  see : 
Arise,   O  Lord, 
Fulfil  thy  word, 

And  thine  alone  the  honour  be. 

4  Thy  people  wait, 
>e  elate  : 
I  distant  far  the  day  appears : 
AVhen  war  shall  cease, 
And  Jluav'nly  peace, 

Shall  wipe  away  ten  thousand  tears* 

F  2 


Then  Abrah'm's  seed, 
From  bondage  freed, 

Shall  taste  of  liberty  and  joy; 
From  home  long  driv'n, 
But  now  forgiv'n, 

The  waster  shall  no  more  destroy. 

This  day  is  light, 
But  far  more  bright 

The  day  when  Jesus  will  return  i 
He'll  wipe  away, 
All  tears  that  day, 

His  people  never  more  shall  mourn, 


**  And  David  put  them  off  him.1* 

1  Sam.  xviii.  59. 

HAD  David  done,  as  Saul  advis'd, 
And  with  his  arms  the  conflict  tried  ; 

His  strength  might  well  have  been  debpis'd, 
And  David,  not  his  foe,  had  died. 

2  So  we,  when  call'd  to  meet  the  foe, 
Ail  human  counsel  must  refuse  ; 
For  man,  though  wise,  can  never  know, 
What  arms  we  need,  and  ought  to  use. 

o    Yet  are  we  apt,  too  apt  to  try, 

What  arms  supply 'd  by  man  can  do  : 
But  soon  we  throw  such  armour  by, 
As  useless,  and  as  cumbrous  too. 


4  We  learn  to  go  as  David  went, 

Confiding  in  the  Lord  of  Hosts  : 
A  pebble  and  a  sling,  when  sent 
By  him,  will  silence  hostile  boasts. 

5  They  who  in  IsraTs  God  confide, 

May  boldly  venture  to  the  field : 
The  feeblest  arms  by  him  supply'd, 
Are  better  than  the  sword  and  shield. 


"   Touching  the  King:'     Psalm  xlv.  1. 

THE  Saviour's  people,  when  they  meet. 
With  wonder  and  with  joy  may  sing  : 

For  lofty  is  their  theme  and  sweet, 
It  touches  Heav'n's  eternal  King. 

2  It  touches  Him  who  mov'd  by  love  ; 

Tho'  prais'd  by  yonder  shining  host : 
In  mercy  left  his  throne  above, 

And  stoop 'd  to  save  what  else  were  lost. 

3  It  touches  Him  who  suffer'd  pain, 

And  shame,  and  death,  that  they  might  live; 
That  they  might  grace  and  glory  gain, 
And  all  that  God  himself  can  give. 

4  The  theme  is  sweet  and  lofty  too  : 

It  moves  our  wonder  and  our  love ; 
The  theme  is  great,  and  ever  new, 
It  yields  unceasing  jov  above. 

F  i 


5  It  animates  the  soul  with  hope  : 

With  hope,  the  spring  of  many  joys ; 
It  holds  the  fainting  spirit  up, 

And  ev'ry  day  new  strengtli  supplies. 

6  Preserved  thro'  grace  in  wisdom's  ways ; 

May  we  with  yonder  shining  host, 

At  length  be  join'd,  and  sing  the  praise 

Of  him  who  came  to  save  the  lost. 


"  But  fear  not  thou."     Jerem.  xlvi.  27. 

"  ISRAEL  be  not  thou  affrighted" 
Tho*  thy  foes  so  num'rous  be ; 

All  thy  foes  shall  be  requited, 
For  the  hatred  borne  to  thee : 

Thou  shalt  see  them 
All  before  thy  banners  flee. 

"  Israel  be  not  thou  affrighted" 
When  thy  foes  in  arms  appear : 

They  are  many,  and  united : 
Yet  hast  thou  no  cause  for  fear. 

He  who  saves  thee 
Stronger  is,  and  he  is  near. 

"  Isra'l  be  not  thou  affrighted" 
Tho'  thy  numbers  are  so  small ; 

He,  whose  name  on  earth  is  slighted, 
Knows  thy  wants,  and  hears  thy  call: 

He  is  mighty, 
And  thine  enemies  shall  fall. 


"  Israel  be  not  thou  affrighted" 
Gloomy  tho'  the  way  appears ; 

Thou  shalt  never  be  benighted, 
Banish  therefore  groundless  fears: 

He  who  saves  thee 
Hears  thy  sighs,  and  counts  thy  tear*. 

Not  a  man  shall  stand  before  thee, 
For  the  Lord  shall  make  them  flee  ; 

This  shall  be  from  love  he  bore  thee, 
Ere  the  world  began  to  be  : 

His  the  glory, 
Guilt  and  shame  belong  to  thee. 

Wiere  thou  see'st  yon  pillar  hover, 
Follow  thou,  nor  thence  decline : 

Soon  thy  conflicts  shall  be  over, 
And  a  blessed  rest  be  thine : 

Light  and  glory 
Shall  for  ever  round  thee  shine. 


u  And  God  shall  wipe  away  all  tears  from  their 
eyes."  Rev.  vii-  17. 

SEE  the  Saints  in  Heav'n  appearing; 

Heav'n  that  yields  them  sweet  repose ; 
Nothing  wanting,  nothing  fearing, 

Safe  from  ev'ry  storm  that  blows. 
Free  from  sorrow,  sin,  and  fear, 
Having  all  they  hop'd  for  here. 



All  their  conflicts  now  are  over ; 

All  their  dangers  are  no  more ; 
And  with  joy  they  now  discover, 

All  that  lay  conceal' d  before. 
Fill'd  with  wonder  they  survey 
All  the  perils  of  the  way. 

Perils  past  and  gone  for  ever ; 

O  how  cheering  is  the  thought ! 
Once  we  pass  thro'  yonder  river, 

Then  we  rest,  and  labour  not. 
Nothing  is  to  those  oppress'd, 
Grateful  as  the  thought  of  rest. 

Rest  from  toil,  and  rest  from  terror ; 

Rest  from  all  assaults  of  foes ; 
Rest  from  those,  who  loving  error, 

Hate  the  Saviour,  and  oppose. 
Rest  from  all  that  causes  grief, 
Sweet  the  hope  of  such  relief. 

Hope  of  this  our  toils  can  lighten  ; 

Hope  has  pow'r  to  cheer  the  faint ; 
Hope  of  this  our  gloom  will  brighten, 

Hope  sustains  the  trembling  saint. 
Hope  is  ours,  then  farewel  fear, 
Hope  the  darkest  hour  can  cheer. 



u  Having    a    desire  to   dejwrt,    and   to    be   with 
Christ:'  Phil.  i.  25. 

IF  I  baa  wings,  then  would  I  go, 
With  speed  to  yonder  realms  of  light; 

I'd  bid  farewell  to  all  below, 
And  take  my  everlasting  flight. 

2  I'd  ask  admittance  there,  as  one 

Without  pretension  ought  but  this ; 
A  -inner  sav'd  by  grace  alone, 
That  grace  that  for  the  vilest  is. 

3  I'd  join  in  praise  with  those  above, 

Who  owe  like  me  their  place  in  Heav'n, 
To  royal  mercy- ;  much  they  love, 

Because  that  much  has  been  forgiv'n. 

4  I  thought,  vain  hope,  that  I  might  claim 

A  place  in  Ileav'n  to  merit  due; 
'Twas  then  I  gloried  in  my  shame, 

And  thought  hiin  wise  who  nothing  knew. 

5  The  thought  of  grace,  so  precious  now, 

Had  then  no  charms,  or  none  for  me; 
3Iy  haughty  mind  disdain'd  to  bow, 
A  debtor  then  I  scorn'd  to  be. 

6  But  O  that  grace  !   despiVd  so  long, 

How  rich  it  is  !    it  came  to  me  ; 
'Tis  now  the  subject  of  my  song, 

And  while  I  live,    I  trust,  shall  be. 
F  5 


7  Of  grace  abounding,  here  I'll  sing; 

'Tis  meet  I  should,  as  one  forgiv'n  ; 
Of  grace  abounding,  grace  the  spring, 
Of  hope  on  earth,  and  joy  in  Heav'n. 

8  And  when  I  reach  yon  glorious  place, 

Where  sinners  sav'd  shall  sin  no  more  ; 
I  hope  to  sing  triumphant  grace, 
And  taste  of  joy  unknown  before. 


"  He  will  deliver  me."     1  Sam.  xvii.  57. 

HE  who  sav'd  us  when  assaulted 

By  the  lion  and  the  bear ; 
High  on  yonder  throne  exalted, 

Stoops  to  save  his  people  here  t 
He  will  save  his  servants  now, 
He  will  lay  the  giant  low. 

Who  is  this  that  thus  defieth 

Those  whom  God  preserves  from  harm  : 
Who  is  this,  that  thus  relieth 

On  his  arm,  his  own  right  arm  ? 
Short  his  arm  and  feeble  is  ; 
Feeble  in  a  strife  like  this. 

With  a  sword  he  comes  to  meet  us ; 

With  a  spear  and  with  a  shield  ; 
Thinking  quickly  to  defeat  us, 

And  to  chase  us  from  the  field  ; 
Vain  his  boast,  his  hope  is  vain. 
He  shall  lie  among  the  slain. 


In  that  name  we  come  to  meet  him ; 

In  that  name,  high  over  all  : 
In  that  name  we  shall  defeat  him, 

And  before  it  he  shall  fall. 
Vain  the  shield,  the  spear,  the  sword, 
Vain  is  help  against  the  Lord. 

And  his  people  shall  with  wonder 
Look  on  him  they  fear'd  before  ; 

"When  they  see  their  foe  brought  under, 
When  his  strength  is  now  no  more  : 

Then  shall  Isra'l  sing  indeed, 

When  from  fear  and  danger  freed. 


*•  Then  sang  Jdoses  and  the  children  of  Israel" 

Exod.  xv.  i. 

ISRA'L  sung  with  joy  and  wonder, 
When  the  Lord  display'd  his  pow'r^ 

When  he  cleav'd  the  waves  asunder, 
Iaral  sung  in  that  glad  hour. 

Then  the  sound  of  praise  was  heard, 

Then  Jehovah's  name  was  fear'd. 

2  But  their  joy  was  quickly  over, 

•d  complaints  were  heard  around  : 
Thus  did  Isra'l  soon  discover, 

All  that  in  his  heart  was  found. 
All  the  wonders  lately  seen, 
Beem'd  as  though  they  had  not  been. 


Thus  do  we  forget  too  often 

All  the  wonders  God  has  shewn  : 

Countless  mercies  fail  to  soften, 
And  subdue  our  hearts  of  stone. 

What  the'  now  we  raise  our  song, 

Yet  we  may  repine  'ere  long. 

Where  is  folly  such  as  this  is  ? 

Where  is  guilt  that  equals  ours  ? 
Where  is  patience  such  as  his  is  ? 

Patience  that  so  long  endures : 
Were  he  ought  but  what  he  is, 
We  had  been  consum'd  'ere  this. 

Teach  us,  Lord,  to  walk  before  thee, 
As  becomes  thy  people  here  ; 

Soon,  we  hope,  we  shall  adore  thee, 
Free  from  sin,  and  free  from  fear  : 

Then  shall  all  thy  people  sing, 

Glory,  glory  to  their  King. 


"   Truly  the  light  is  sweet."     Eccles.  xi.  7. 

THE  light  is  sweet,  and  pleasant  is 

The  sun  to  mortal  sight ; 
But  fairer  light  we  know  than  this  ; 

We  know  a  sun  more  bright. 

2   A  sun  that  sheds  a  purer  ray : 

That  gives  to  Heav'n  its  light ; 
A  sun  that  yields  perpetual  day, 
That  goes  not  down  by  night. 


3  A  sun  that  shines  upon  the  way  : 

That  leads  to  joys  above ; 
That  cheers  the  pilgrim  with  it's  ray, 
And  warms  his  heart  with  love. 

4  This  sun  is  ours ;  it  gilds  with  light 

Th'  eternal  vault  of  Heav'n ; 
'Tis  faintly  view'd  by  mortal  sight, 
As  yet  no  more  is  giv'n. 

5  But  soon,  we  hope,  a  day  will  be, 

When  clouds  shall  be  no  more  ; 
This  glo  ious  sun  we  then  shall  see, 
In  1  jauty,  not  before. 

6  'Till  then  it  yields  sufficient  light, 

To  shew  the  heav'nly  way ; 
And  now  and  then  it  seems  more  bright, 
And  darts  a  warmer  way. 

7  Fair  is  the  lot  that's  cast  for  them, 

On  whom  this  sun  has  ris'n ; 
This  sun  illumines  with  it's  beam, 
The  darkness  of  a  pris'n. 


//  is  not  in   nan  that  walketh  to  dirctt  his  steps." 

Jer.  x.  23. 

I T  is  not  we  who  can  direct 

Our  steps,  where  many  snares  abound  ; 
It  is  not  we,  who  can  protect 

Ourselves,  when  many  foes  surround. 


2  The  Lord  our  1  eader  goes  before : 
Sufficient  he,  and  none  beside ; 
And  were  the  dangers  many  more, 
We  need  not  fear  with  such  a  guide. 

5  Thro'  snares,  thro*  dangers,  and  thro'  foes, 

He  leads  whose  arm  almighty  is  : 
What  then  if  Earth  and  Hell  oppose ! 
We  need  not  fear  if  we  are  his. 

4  All  things  are  ours,  if  we  are  his, 

All  things  on  earth,  and  all  in  Heav'n  : 
And  high  the  destination  is, 

Of  those  to  whom  this  grace  is  giv'n. 

o  Tho'  many  are  their  foes  and  strong, 

Tho*  fears  are  great,  and  strength  is  small  \. 
Tho'  sharp  their  warfare  is,  and  long, 
Yet  Heav'n  will  make  amends  for  all. 

6  Their  conflicts  there  for  ever  cease ; 

No  warfare  is  where  all  are  friends : 
There  all  is  love  and  all  is  peace, 
And  joy  is  there  that  neve>  ends. 


"  Faint,  yet  pursuing ."     Judges  viii.  4. 

FAINT  we  are,  tho*  still  pursuing  : 

See  our  foes  before  us  fly  : 
'Tis  our  gain,  but  not  our  doing, 

They  might  all  our  pow'r  defy  : 
He  whose  arm  is  cloth'd  with  might, 
Jesus  puts  our  foes  to  flight 



See  our  King  before  us  going  ; 

Follow  hii4^nor  fearful  be  : 
Follow  him  with  boldness,  knowing 

Strength  is  his  and  victory : 
Tho'  we  feel  our  pow'r  but  small, 
Yjt  we  trust  our  foes  shall  fall. 

See  them  all  before  him  flying, 
All  before  our  conq'ring  Lord  : 

Strong  they  seem'd,  our  force  defying. 
And  we  trembled  at  their  word  : 

But  he  filPcl  them  with  his  dread. 

And  when  he  appear'd  they  fled. 

Since  our  foes  then  fly  before  him, 

For  his  arm  almighty  is ; 
Let  his  people  all  adore  him; 

Let  the  glory  all  be  his : 
Let  his  people  ever  sing, 
Glory,  glory  to  their  King. 

"   To  him  be  glory"     Rev.  i.  6. 

GLORY  be  to  him  who  sav'd  us  : 
Lore  our  sins,  our  sorrows  took  ; 

Loi;g  a  foreign  Lord  enslav'd  us, 
Long  we  wore  his  iron  yoke : 

'Till  one  stronger 
By  his  pow'r  our  fetters  brok©. 


2   His  the  undivided  glory 
Of  a  day  so  dearly  won  : 
Yours,  ye  saints,  to  tell  the  story ; 
Yours  to  make  his  glory  known. 

Tell  with  gladness, 
Tell  what  God  our  Lord  has  done. 

5   Angels  thought  he  must  abhor  you  : 
Thought  no  way  was  left  to  save  ; 
But  he  wrought  deliv'rance  for  you, 
Pity'd,  rescu'd,  and  forgave. 

Jesus  sav'd  you, 
Lov'd  the  foe,  redeem'd  the  slave. 

4  Hear  it,   O  ye  Heav'ns  and  wonder : 

Be  amaz'd,   O  Earth,  at  this ; 
He,  whose  arm  is  cloth 'd  with  thunder, 
Stoops  to  save,  and  mortal  is. 

Jesus  suffers ; 
Shame  and  death  and  sorrow  his. 

5  Jesus  for  the  guilty  suffers  ; 

For  his  foes  the  Saviour  dies ; 
And  himself  he  freely  offers; 
This  is  wond'rous  in  our  eyes. 

Hence  our  safety, 
Hence  our  hopes  and  joys  arise. 

6  Saviour,  make  us  what  we  should  be, 

Full  of  grace,  and  full  of  love  : 

This,  we  trust,  is  what  we  would  be, 

But  we  have  no  pow'r  to  move. 

God  our  Saviour ! 
liaise  our  souls  to  tilings  above. 



■  Frahe  ye  the  LORD"     Psalm  cL 

■    NOW  let  us  all  together  sing, 

The  praise  of  Zion's  glorious  King  ; 
'Tis  he,  who  sits  on  yonder  throne, 
'Tis  he  who  reigns,  and  reigns  alone. 

Great  as  he  is,  his  people  dare 
Approach  him,  and  present  their  pray'i ; 
He  hears  his  people's  cry,  and  grants 
A  full  supply  for  all  their  wants. 

5   And  many  are  the  wants  of  those, 
I'Viy  step  encounter  fees  ; 
Who  nothing  of  their  own  possess, 
A.nd  oft'  are  piung'd  in  deep  distress. 

4  Tor  such  his  grace  sufficient  is, 
We  need  no  more  ;  the  word  is  his : 
1  Tis  rich  with  comfort  to  the  poor  : 
His  people  should  complain  no  more. 

5  Let  those  who  know  his  glorious  name, 
His  grace  and  majesty  proclaim  ; 

Zion's  King  is  God  alone, 
he  who  sits  on  yonder  throne, 

6  To  him  be  praise,  for  praise  is  due, 
To  him  who  died,  ye  saints,  for  you ; 
Sweet  is  the  sense  of  sins  fofgrVn, 
hut  frho  call  tell  the  joys  of  Heav'n  ? 



"  iVcnu  the  God  of  hope  Jill  you  all  with  joy  and 
peace.'*  Rom.  xy.  13, 

GOD  of  hope,  and  consolation, 

Sweeten  ev'ry  bitter  cup  : 
Thine  a  great,  a  free  salvation, 

Thou  canst  hold  thy  people  up. 
Great  thou  art  in  operation  ; 

Thou  art  rich  in  grace  and  love  ; 
O  fulfil  cur  expectation, 

Lead  us  safe  to  joys  above. 

£   Never  can  we  taste  enjoyment, 

Pure  and  full,  'till  thou  appear : 
Praise  thy  people's  blest  employment^ 

Praise,  that  day,  unmix'd  with  fear. 
When  thou  comest,  Lord,  what  gladness 

Will  be  felt  by  all  thy  friends  ? 
Then  they  bid  adieu  to  sadness, 

Then  their  night  of  trouble  ends. 

£  Through  a  world  of  sorrow  going, 

Keep  us  frcm  the  evil,  Lord  : 
'Tis  thir°  arm  we  trust  to,  knowing 

Nought  but  this  can  hope  afford : 
When  the  sharpest  trials  prove  us, 

L     t]     .  i  oar,  and  hold  us  fast : 
Keep  us,  Lord,  that  nought  may  move  us* 

'Till  the  stormy  day  is  past. 


Then  thy  people  sorrow  never  ; 

Then  the  storm  is  heard  no  more ; 
Peace  and  joy  are  ours  for  ever, 

When  we  land  on  yonder  shore. 
Fear  and  hope  alike  are  banish'd, 

And  thy  saints  are  fully  blest ; 
All  that  caus'd  them  fear  has  vanish 'd, 

All  they  hop'd  for  is  possess'cL